December 19, 2013

Hi I am vivek, a hindu by religion. I have not seen god till date, but I strive to do so.
I routinely meditate and sometimes I feel connected to god. This does not happen every time I meditate but occasionally.

December 4, 2013

51 yr old Caucasian Aussie male, reverted to Islam 1st june 2012, after Friday prayers in my Mosque I made addition prayers for my family, friends, war torn Islamic countries etc. A golden / yellow light came through my head and engulfed my body, I was terrified, these words came to me “fear not little one, iam with you and you are with me” in one instant I was relaxed, I felt euphoric, the feeling was so immense and intense in joy I cried, I could not move though for about 5 seconds, I was made to understand that this was from Allah / God. There was no voice it was a communication, in those few seconds I was given clarity, faith and knowledge that it is all real. Alhumdullilah.

November 20, 2013

I am probably the most lonely and scared person in the world right now.
When I was 18 I met a man, he was a Muslim I fell in love with him he treated me pretty badly. Fast forward 9 years and he decided he loved me and did everything the right way. I was patient and loyal to him he realised I was worth it. I moved to be with him and met his family they were not overjoyed but were friendly considering their religions attitude to ‘kaffirs’
Never gave the religious differences much thought but as I started to get to know them all I realised why he’d been the way he’d been for so many years and I realised that Islam is the greatest trick of the devil and the greatest divider and destroyer. I started to research it, I read the Quran too. One morning I woke up with the words ’77 days’ in my head. It felt profound I was moved to open my bible to psalm 77 it talked about crying out to god in despair it encompassed all the feelings I’d been having.

From that day on I began to randomly open my bible I started to voice my opinion to my partner about the evils of Islam and about his need for Jesus the great wiper away of tears the great comforter. I told him it is ok to cry to be weak to be human. As time went by every day I’d open maybe 5 or 6 times and it was always specific to my life. As this happened my partner began to become aggressive and volatile and sometimes just silent. Spiritual warfare was present in my home. One example is he grabbed me the once by the collar of my coat and threw me ro the ground. I opened to job ‘he grabs you by the collar of your coat and throws you into the dirt’
One day he got angry and tore up my bible. I rebuked him in Jesus name and he fell to the floor and sobbed like a child. That night he apologised for the first time ever in 12 years (by that point) he told me lots of awful things that happened to him as a child. I kind of knew he’d been abused it’s part of the religion this superiority and godliness given to the men of the family that makes them believe they can do whatever they want. I held him tight and we agreed to get a new bible the following day. When I woke up there was a rainbow I felt entirely filled with the holy spirit I felt amazing despite all he’d told me the night before I felt truly blessed. When we got home after a very emotionally close day we prayed together and then out of the corner of my eye I saw a page from my bible under the ironing board and I started to weep and said to him look that’s a message for you. I had cleaned the whole room the night before. I was so excited so filled with the holy spirit. It was Isaiah 48 and yes it was for him. He was visibly moved but got angry and stormed off upstairs for the evening. I praised god. Things got worse and so I left him for a week and he didn’t call me even once a d I was tearful and sad but walking down the road I saw a lady who looked extremely out of place standing on the corner dressed in purple. She smiled at me and waved and I felt an amazing feeling of love like ive never felt from anyone in my life. I went into the pub and saw a man sitting on a stool. He looked very Jewish. Round olive face, hooked nose he was staring at me almost through me I was terrified I felt he was watching me. Anyway in time my partner called and was upset and said he didn’t want to lose me. We spoke for five hours and I guess thats where my rebellion began. He said he wanted to get to know Jesus. I sent him home an when I slept that night I felt Jesus arms around me. I had a dream that I could t get across a lake and my partner told me he couldn’t carry me over and Jesus was standing across the other side staring at me sadly. I had a friend at this time a male friend who was loving and kind and understanding I think I was starting to have feelings for him but not like with my partner just a feeling of being understood. I wish now that I had realised the one who understood me the most was my lord and saviour who could see right inside my heart and soul.
So I went back to my partner and things were great for a while but everytime I tried to tell him who Jesus was he flipped out and so I thought this guy is wasting my time and I will not have Muslim children or children influenced in any way by Islam. He insisted they would eat halal meat I said that gives them a strong identity as a Muslim its not going to happen. So one day he beat me so bad that I couldn’t open my mouth I cried out to Jesus and again he fell to the floor weeping. This was not his style he usually was unashamed and unapologetic but I guess I knew the demons were within him. That day he was looking up and down the stairs holding me over them like he was trying to assess how damaging the drop would be. So I opened my bible and was told to leave. So I did. I told him when we argue I have nowhere to go so I got myself this little caravan a hundred miles away or so and he was very cooperative he said he just didn’t want me to leave him and that when these things happened it’s like a darkness came over him like he wasn’t in control. I understood that I was preaching jeuss message and the demons within him did not like it because only in that last two years was he ever physically violent towards me. When we got to the caravan I’ll never forget the look on his face it was appreciative like ‘this is a new start’ he left me a beautiful note the next morning saying he loved me and would see me soon. I read in my bible ‘stay close to god’
I did not.
I spent the first week in severe physical pain and being sick I did not call out to Jesus to help me it’s like I forgot him. My reasons for leaving became more about the abuse than the religious differences. I became a bitch. Within three weeks I started a relationship with my male friend. I started chain smoking I didn’t ever leave that caravan and I moped and let this guy pander to me and love me and do things for me. I told everyone what my ex had done to me. Meanwhile my ex started going to church and opening the bible at random and recording his feelings. He also started going to counselling. I defamed him to everyone we knew I was so tired of being let down by him. I became his enemy. I used to work with him and I took a redundancy payout from him rather than getting off my lazy arse and getting a job or doing some good for others. I became the devil. I was lazy, unkind, ungodly, bitter, tormented day and night by visions and dreams – fear is of the devil there is no place for it in the kingdom of heaven. His family even called me to apologise and tell me he could not live without me. This was my chance to be a Christian. Did I take it? No I was hostile. My ex started to really get into church and feel loved by Jesus I should have held his hand and stood by him. Did I go to church? No. I was reminded of this one day in the caravan as the bells rang for 45 minutes solid. I thought ‘I haven’t been to church for a while’ then they stopped ringing. Meanwhile I was letting this other guy fall deeply in love with me and for the first time ever I felt empowered and like I (excuse my language) didn’t give a fuck.
Several times my ex came down sobbing wanting to talk to me wanting to share gods word, leaving extracts from services he’d attended outside my door. I didn’t read any of them. He even followed me around town the one time while I pretended he wasn’t there. My physical ailments continued I had the oddest medical problems going. Oh how often I defied god in the desert. One morning I woke up sweating I had a dream that I was pregnant and god said ‘call him maher shalal hash baz’ my name, halal and my exs name. then in the dream a huge tall evil man said ‘when you are deliriously happy I will strike you down’ when I awoke I looked this name up online and low and behold in Isaiah there is a prophetic child born to a prophetess called maher Shalal hash baz which ironically means speed to the spoil quick to the plunder.
I went on holiday with my new man to a place renowned for lose living. The day before my whole face broke out in welts and swelled up but nothing was going to stop me going on holiday and pandering to myself some more.
My ex had found two shells on a beach and made us pendants out of them. The one night we were sitting at the table me an the new man and the lighter dropped onto the cloth and burnt a hole into it exactly the same shape as my exs pendant. I have photos. It was a punch to the stomach and I nearly went home but went upstairs and defied god once again. My ex had also bought me a beautiful cross which I’d hung up in the caravan. Around this time I was just getting warning after warning from the bible ‘I will give your men to other women’ look at you fulfil your lust as my holy symbol hangs above you’ ‘ you will be shamed in your nakedness’ etc. So I went to church with my dad. The night before I was so scared of hell Id really started to think about it and the sermon was entitled ‘hell’ the night before I’d held my cross and said Jesus Christ I don’t know what’s happening but please just take me to heaven now.
After the service I cried and my dad invited my ex back to our house to talk and for some reason I had this need to confess all my sins to my whole family. My dad got angry with me and told me to go home so my ex drove me back. I took his cross from the draw and put it on and wow I felt such a genuine compassion and deep lobe for him and then these words came out of my mouth ‘oh no youve lost your eternal salvation’ so I tore it off and heard ‘oh you are evil. This was the second time I’d heard gods voice the first time was I made my ex go to a medical appointment with me and I heard ‘be kind to baz’ and my disc in face which needed an operation slipped down and I started to weep.
I got really flustered with the cross incident I told him to go home. That night the cross whispered and in the morning it was not in my hand it was up on the side.
Every time my ex and I had hung out which I limited to three or four occasions that year it was like some kind of weirdness was going on. For example a guy dressed as he devil in the middle of the road made me thing ‘the devils trying to get in-between baz and i’ or leaflets on the surgery that had a picture of the devil on next to another leaflet called ‘the forgotten man’ and going to see another caravan and me with my Irish small town totally unusual surname being closely related to the woman. Anyway I ignored all that and started having visors of hell and bad dreams where I was walk g trough hell I could smell it and see all the torture methods used and saw myself burning and screaming so for some stupid reason I stopped sleeping. I prayed loads but it just continued. So my new man took me to the hospital and when I got there three people sat in front of me. I recognised Jesus immediately. the name ‘mary godsonrose’ was called out. I heard gods voice ‘come on hanniel please let us help you- I will help you write your book’ ( something I knew I should have been doing all year) about Islam and personality disorders and domestic abuse all being from Satan. I didnt even know what hanniel meant at that time. I stared and I felt an amazing feeling of healing all over my neck it was beautiful but all that went through my head was ‘ I want to throw her into the pit of hell’ when they left I ran after them shouting ‘jesus’ the man with the hooked nose and olive skin from the year before was there he looked deeply sad and troubled. I know he was god. I went into a doctor who asked me ‘crisis call?’ I said ‘I know what you’re doing just be quiet’ he looked quite bemused. Then I started to mistrust everyone like it was a big conspiracy and they were all in on it and knew I’d seen god. Couldn’t be further from the truth. They gave me sleeping tablets but that night I was a mess. My parents came down the next day and before they arrived I threw away all my writing and hid in a bush shaking.
I ended up in a mental health ward and the first night could not sleep because of the pulsing feeling of evil. Upon arriving a woman shouted at me ‘hi Jesus hi Jesus- you are disgusting you could have helped me and I’ve been like this all my life I don’t have a problem with (new partners name) but I have a problem with you. This continued for weeks me confused and demons outwardly attacking me and knowing my entire life story until one day I saw his guy and he sat in the foyer I recognised him as the devil and I rebuked him. 5 minutes later one f the women ‘gloria’ shouted at me ‘you ignore me to talk to the man upstairs’ and she spat on me. Another patient threw a cup of tea in my face and said ‘you never stop trying do you’ I was praying like crazy at this point it was completely insane the whole thing even all the patients were named after people I loved and the nurses were called fortunate and patience. I prayed dear god deliver me and 5 minutes later a team turned up to take me home but guess what? I didn’t go because they ‘looked demonic’ three days later I ha a tribunal and the day before I wad compelled to speak to the evil one. He even asked ‘now or next week’ that night I sweated profusely. God had tried to warn me that morning with a severe nosebleed and vivid dreams but i still did it. I didn’t get out at my tribunal and this demonic doctor who ‘disappeared’ after my case was grinning the whole way through. Before I spoke to him another women had turned up signed herself ce took me into a room and said ‘this is getting very serious now marie’ I had her out of there in minutes. She is untraceable and I know god sent her.
8 years ago I had a dream. In the dream I was in a big White hospital telling everyone the devil was in me and I had lost my soul they were all laughing at me. In the dream I got my leg caught up in a black cable with a pink green and blue wire coming out of it. In the dream demons were laughing saying you are going to hell but you better pray you go to hell. In the dream a girl i went to school with was a doctor. I’ve looked her up and she’s a psychiatrist.One week after I spoke to the devil this canle incident happened. When I saw that cable outside on my walk I felt sick and so scared.
I am at home now but every day I wait for something bad or evil to happen. My naturally joyful and loving personality is gone I have let down my god just by being human and confused but having had such direct contact from him I should have been putting on the armour of god and living a sinless life. The devil even had me convinced the world had turned islamic at one point! This was when the first social worker turned up. I asked her ‘do you know what this is about’ she said yes- jesus needs you I said ‘will my family get hurt if I don’t come with you’ she said ‘yes’ I said idont want to go with you she looked horrified and left. I tried to run after her and had all these visions that I’d handed the covenant over to Islam.
Anyway- I’m going to hell and at any time the devil could take me over and do someging utterly evil to someone I love.
There is a god there is a Jesus there is a Mary- I have seen them. There will be a judgement day and those called to his service should throw themselves at his feet- that is everyone we are all called in one way or another. Now I have doctors telling me I am ‘getting better and should be happy ad embrace life’ there was Noone happier than me before all this now I am terrified.
I’ve tried to include most things but ita such a long and complicated story.

November 8, 2013

My name is Dave and I have seen and heard God.
I am an Englishman, 57 years old, a scientist by trade (bit tricky, these days, when you’ve seen God), and, like the Lord, I am not religious, although I was born at exactly sunrise on June 21st, at Stonehenge (OK, not under the stones – too many druids for that – but as close as one can be born there in modern times).
I have often wondered, as do many posters to this site, why God wished to reveal Himself to me. After many years of pondering, I believe it may be to give witness to His humour.
One or two posters have declared that those of us who have seen God cannot have done because the scriptures say no man shall see God and live – well, either you are being written to by dead people, or the scriptures are mistaken. Possibly God has moved on and the scriptures are out of date? For those who suggest we must have seen Satan – fair enough, hard to argue with (but why would Satan not turn up as himself?), but if we have seen Satan, then it kind of says, too, that God does, indeed, exist. Surely that is the point of bearing witness tohaving seen God?

When I was a younger man I must have borne a striking resemblance to what many think Jesus Christ looked like. Many comedians would approach me in the street to declare that I walked on water, that I was their teacher, that they were Judas and insult me or lines of that ilk. It was never much of a laugh. I wished they would come up with something original. But it did set me thinking. I wondered at what stage of his life Jesus would have realised he was Jesus Christ, the Messiah and not Jesus Bloggs, the carpenter. It made me think who might Jesus be these days? How hard would it be for him to be here if a bloke who looked like him could not escape the funny men? (Mercifully, nobody knows what Jesus might have looked like in his 50s, so the hilarious jokes have stopped for me). I realised that Jesus possibly had been here recently. He had a dream about Hindus and Muslims getting on with one another. But we knew him not and we shot him. He came to us again. He had a dream about black and white people using their intelligence and getting on with one another whilst their children played together. Judging each other on the content of our characters, rather than what we looked like. But we knew him not and we shot him.
So there’s a bit of background about me and what I think about.
I first heard the Almighty’s voice one day when I was about 22. I was in Bromley High Street (Bromley is an up market South East England Town – origin of Billy Idol, Peter Frampton, Suzee and the Banshees, David Bowie, H.G Wells and Charles Darwin, to name but a few). It was the late ‘70s and an early 747 flew over much lower than usual with loud, deep toned, low vibration engine noise. A bloke fell off his motor cycle and as it slid down the road the sparks flew up and it made a great, angle grinder-like, screech. The randomsounds all tessellated and made up sufficient ingredients for a ‘voice from nowhere’ – as a psychiatrist would say (without having thought about it sufficiently). God said, ‘Dave, give up smoking. Your lungs are your weakness and I have work for you’. Made me think, I can tell you. I could not deny to myself what I had heard. Good advice, too.
Life went on, the Jesus jests continued apace. I gave up smoking.
One day, in 1996, on my holidays, on a small Greek island a young Aussie lady approached me and said, ‘Hi, Jesus’.
‘Here we go again’, I thought, but this time the funny stranger had a point, The wind had blown an image of what the Eastern Orthodox Church considers Christ looked like on to the heel of my shoe. It was Easter, their big celebration. I asked her what she would do if she ever realised she was walking with Jesus. ‘I’d buy him a beer’, came back the quick reply.
‘In that case, mine’s an Amstel’, I quipped. Good at her word, she took me to a bar and we shared a beer and a couple of laughs. Her answer on what to do on meeting Jesus was, by far, the most intelligent I’ve ever heard. After all, Jesus spent much of his time up the pub with his mates.

The next day, I thought rather deeply about the meeting with the young Aussie (her name was Rebecca), and went alone to a beach. There was another young woman there, who I noticed from a distance, wasn’t wearing anything. I decided to not be a plonker and to leave her alone – and not even glance in her direction. I also got my kit off and went and sat on a large cuboid white marble stone and looked to the sea. There was a great view of Santorini. It had long since struck me that exploding Santorini was the method by which the Lord created the tidal wave that parted the Red sea allowing Moses and the Israelites to escape slavery. So, as I was contemplating it I thought about what had happened to theJesuses (Ghandi and Dr King), what would surely happen to him were he to come back and thought how much better the World would be if we could do without killing one another. You cannot fight evil with evil – you only add to the sum of evil that way (I wish our American brothers would consider that a little more carefully), and I thought of how slavery had actually been outlawed and ended. It was not through war and conflict – but through the ridicule of the slave owners through great books like the Tar Baby and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. I determined to write a book about the return of the Messiahs – ridiculing those who would kill them.

I asked the Lord if I might do that. A voice came immediately ‘Alright, but I’m the leader!’ By chance the naked lady’s little boy, whom I had not noticed when I didn’t ogle her, had run into the sea and said that, so meaningful thing to the prayer I had just uttered, in English, by chance.

The book, roughly, is about how Jesus visits Muhammed, in Heaven. (The Lord has told me they are brothers in Heaven – that annoys some Christians but Muslims seem to accept it). Muhammed and Gabriel had been discussing the cricket when he called. (Jesus isn’t into cricket. He plays football – that’s soccer to our American friends – and is the player manager of The Saints – and, no, that’s not Southampton. He plays in goal and hence his handle of ‘the Saviour’). Jesus had called around because while he was playing his guitar with JimiHendrix and Bob Marley, the Devil called round. Satan hadgot back into Heaven on a day when Pete had gone fishing – so Luke was at the Pearly gates. The Old Gentleman told Luke that he had come to apologise – so Luke let him in.

Lucifer called to see Jesus, but far from apologising he boasted. He firstly played the guitar far, far too steamingly fast for a first jam. He tried to outplay Jimi – not cool. He also brought two whores Marilyn and Gold, some drugs and showed off with them (use your imaginations). He taunted Jesus by saying that while, in the wilderness 2,000 years ago he needed Jesus’ help, these days he no longer did. He said how he had established internet porn; round the clock gambling; public beheadings in the name of God; wars in the name of peace. You name it, he had brought it into being and he felt he had won his argument with God (that mankind is inherently corruptible), so he had not come to apologise at all, but to show off and enjoy himself.

So, Jesus and Muhammed decide to come back to Earth andwarn us. Their uncle Moses says he’ll stay in Heaven to look after their stuff. Before they can come, though, they decide to ask God for His blessing on the proposal. Therein lay a problem. You see, in Heaven, God is about as elusive in everyday life as He is here, on Earth. We have the play on words, God is now here, or God is nowhere – it’s the same there. So, they set off to find God. One the way, on a bus, they meet Ganesh, who is also off to see God. His reason is because all of his Hindu followers are finding milkeverywhere and he realises something is up on Earth. They also take Lew Kew, Uncle Moses’ cleaning lady and of the Tau. They would have brought Guru Nanuk – but he is God’s mate and God would miss him too much.

When they believe they have found God’s house they have, in fact, arrived at Lord Buddha’s residence. He quickly agrees to join in the warning – well, after a long philosophical discussion on the existence of a supreme being, which I shan’t burden you with – and they arrive at God’s house.

God’s butler, Giles, the only servant in Heaven, opens the door. He has an Aussie accent and he is the spitting image of the Dalai Lama.

‘God? He’s out the back. He’s in the dunny’, Giles directsthe religious leaders to where God was.

You see, in the book, I didn’t want to have to explain what God looks like as He looks like God and you’ll know Him when you see Him. So I cheated a bit and had Him in an outside dunny. The can. A shit house. The would-bewarners and He discuss the plan though the door. God was in there thinking about what He could do to stop the spread of evil that the Devil had been boasting about without breaking His promise to Noah. Anyhow, they get permission; have to go to Hell first to remember what it’s like and for practice at being here.

There are five representative religious founders and they can each bring two neo-disciples. They bring Bob Marley, Charles Darwin, Anne Frank, Gandhi, Judas (the most experienced disciple when it comes to the authorities), Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and one or two others to help. Thus,there were fifteen and they came back as a rugby team – to promote harmony amongst the faiths with the Religious Games – but like the Olympics are meant to be.

It does not go too well and they all end up on death row – to be murdered by various States – much as happened to Jesus first time around. The book is meant to be a moral, thought-provoking allegorical tale, if you will.

A couple of notable things happened as I was writing the thing. The first was on my journey home from the island where I got the idea. I found myself worrying about what would happen if it ever got published and made any money. It wasn’t the sort of thing to make money from. I’ve a rule about not telling other people things that might get you locked up (OK, so I’m writing this, but I trust the site to guard my anonymity). So I told a dog my concerns. His name was Farouk. On telling him I was concerned lest I insulted the Lord by making money from Him, Farouk got up and crossed the dusty patch of land we were sitting on in Athens. He scraped the ground with his forepaw and revealed an out-of-circulation two drachma coin. My advance (I told you God has a wicked sense of humour). I immediately told the Almighty that it wasn’t worth two drachma and I’d cheated Him. But then, when I’d finished laughing, I remembered the Bible story where Jesus had told his disciples to catch a fish that turned out to have a penny in its mouth such that they could pay their taxes. Until that moment I had always considered that a little far-fetched, but now I was pretty much convinced that it was probably true and that I was meant to write this book – if only to give the Lord a good laugh. My wife still has the two drachma coin.

Then, in England a few months later, at the exact moment I had typed the last word and finished the book, my telephone went (before mobiles). It was my godfather. He said, ‘Now that you’ve done that, am I going to have trouble communicating with you?’ To this day I don’t know what he was really on about, but it was so, so, so meaningful to what I had just completed. From my godfather.

OK. That was a long pre-amble – but necessary for the seeing of God part.

A year or so after completing the book – (which I don’t know how to get published and I’m sort of scared to. Well, who wants to know things, such as, Jesus has a dog? That the dog is a large, black dog, a Carthusian Hound – God says it’s aHeavenly breed – called Bruno?), I found myself with my wife back on the small island. Indeed, on the very beach. A stranger approached and sat down. He introduced himself as Chris and said, ‘everyone says you’re Jesus – would you like a smoke?’
‘Here we go again’, thought I.
‘I had been told that Jesus is an Indian guy who rides a bike, but they are saying it’s you’, continued the young man and he offered me a smoking device. I politely declined, explaining that I do not smoke. Chris confided that he was not a policeman – to which I answered that it didn’t make any difference to whether I smoke or not. He put the thing away. He then proclaimed that I couldn’t be Jesus (Hooray!), because there is no God. There is no God, because if there were, there would be miracles. I quickly tried to explain that it is all a miracle. That there is a planet just the right distance from the sun for water to be water is a miracle. That there is a moon to create tides to help life is a miracle. That life has evolved at all (seeing the Lord does not prevent acceptance of the overwhelming evidence supporting the theory of evolution), is a miracle. I confided in Chris that I considered the Universe itself to be God and all seeing, all intelligent, all loving, all things, really.

Chris seemed like a decent bloke and agreed with me that the World should and could be better, but ended the conversation on an insistence that f there were God, there would be miracles. He threw his hands back in that air as he declared it so. He went his way and I never expected to see him again.

My wife and I left the beach and decided on a holiday evening out. So, later that evening, just as it had got dark, my wife and I were in the town square. We had just sat down to have a drink. I got up to go inside to the toilet (that’s a rest room to any Americans that are still reading this, but I didn’t need a rest, I needed a piss). As I went inside the bar, I saw Chris and his wife or girlfriend arrive on the other side of the square, but apart from noticing him again, didn’t really think too much of it.

I had to go up a tight, wrought iron, spiral stair case to arrive at the toilet and it didn’t smell to appealing as I arrived. The cubical was small and dimly illuminated with a single, bare light bulb. In Greece, especially on the smaller islands, one is requested not to put paper or anything other than human waste in the toilet. The plumbing is old, small bore and easily blocked. Paper should be placed in a bin provided next to the pan. Drunken Westerners being drunk Westerners, people had forgotten this rule and the toilet was rather comprehensively blocked and I am sure you don’t need a detailed description of what was down there with all of the sodden paper. It explained the unappealing odour.

The next part requires reference to a Japanese art form, or maybe better described as a craft form. I do not know its name and no amount of searching the web has helped. It is where very carefully adjusting the thickness, or topography, of the bottom of fine porcelain cups means that when you have drunk your tea, and the light comes through the various thicknesses of china at the bottom of the cup, it makes an illuminated image, usually of a formal Geisha lady (there are ruder versions found in shot glasses, but that’s not the art form I am thinking of).

Well, as I took a piss, all of the crap and general grunge in the bottom of the blocked toilet moved about and started to take,various thickness, form. There was a soft light emanating from behind the form, from under the water, as it were. It formed a human face, and not just any old face. He was very Michelangelo. Indeed at first I thought it another joke, with a projection of an image from the Sistine Chapel into the pan. I waved my hands about to break the flow of light, but it wasn’tthat. Nor was there any device under the loo. ‘How the fuck did Michelangelo know what God looked like?’ was the very first thought that went through my mind as I realised it was God’s countenance I was witnessing. I considered that Michelangelo, too, must have seen God, but rather sensibly kept it to himself – except a drive to paint it so beautifully and an appropriate place. I then recalled the part of the book I had written that I related to you earlier. I called the Almighty a rather rude Anglo Saxon word beginning with ‘C’. ‘You C’, I said (we go back a long way), ‘when I said you were in the bog, I didn’t mean you were IN the bloody thing!’. I then stopped thinking so self-centeredly (glad I did, too), and remembered seeing Chris come to the square and his earlierexpressed desire to witness a miracle.

I went outside and saw that Chris was still across the square. I hurried to him and urgently asked him to come with me. The miracle may have been that nobody else used the toilet while I did that. Chris came with me and we went up the spiral stairs. ‘I’m not gay’, I explained, ‘but I’d like you to come into the toilet with…………….’

‘My God! My God! If I had to paint a picture I couldn’t do it better. Why, he’s a wizened old man just as you’d expect’. Chris had gone before me into the toilet cubicle and before I could finish my sentence he, too, had seen the Lord and was elatedly expressing it.

‘You did ask’, I rather flippantly said. I advised him to be very careful whom he told (because you’ll get locked up, or worse), and tried to reassure him that I don’t think I am either Jesus or anyone important at all. I just happen to notice things and know the truth of God’s certain existence.

So there you have it. I saw God, down the lavatory, and a total stranger corroborated it.

It’s not that great. It does not help make one resist temptation or be a better person. I would rather try to explain it to Dawkins himself than to religious believers. I can hardly write to the Pope and tell him how and where I saw God. On the one hand religious people would say I am a blasphemer, who couldn’t have seen God because the scriptures suggest it isn’t possible and that I had better repent of it all or it will all be bad. On the other hand there are the sceptics who say I must be deluded and cannot have seen God because he does not exist.

Who’d see God?

I did get the gift of one more laugh, though. Three or four years later, on another trip abroad, I was at the airport and wanted a little in flight reading. At the bookstore a book on Buddhism caught my eye. A passage in it explained how after much thought and meditation the two most senior Japanese Zen Buddhists declared that Buddhism is a disease and that God is in the piss-hole. I wondered how they knew.

So, what is one to make of it?

It has forced me to think of the apparently impossible impasse between science and religion. I cannot deny my experiences to myself, but I know and completely understand the sceptical, demanding of robust evidence, view, too. And then I don’t like to see people misled – by either dogmatic interpretation of either school of thought.

Some scientists say that God does not exist because there is no evidence to support His existence. Well, apart from the unreasonable stance of needing physical evidence for what is, by definition, supernatural, that argument falls down very easily. You see, before James Clerk Maxwell first predicted radio waves there was no evidence for them, but they clearly existed and scientists divine the age of the Universe with them today.

So there is a stronger scientific argument. It is argued that life is very complex and we do not understand it. So a creator of life must be so mind-blowingly complex as to be highly, highly improbable – so probably does not exist. Actually, that’s not a scientific argument, rather a somewhat poor philosophical one. It can easily be demonstrated not to be likely to be valid. Look at the British weather. It, like life, is very complex, but we can make very good forecasts with computer models and computers are based on binary logic – most simple.

Well, it’s not fair just to knock down the other fellow’s views. You have to have a few good ones yourself. Here, I look at the writings of people like Prof Richard Dawkins. I have read that he draws an analogy between believing in God and believing in fairies at the bottom of the garden, or the spaghetti monster in the sky. Fair enough. Would you please imagine a convention of confirmed atheists? Suppose one of them sneezed. If someone said ‘spaghetti monster in the sky bless you’, it would not have the same meaning, even to atheists, as if they had said ‘God bless you’. So at least the meaningful concept of God does exist (or the whole ‘does He exist?’ question is completely meaningless).

So let’s now look at science. Does a kilogramme exist? Of course it does, most would say. Prove it! Well, there’s one in Paris. Aha! Sorry that’s just a representation of a kilogramme, a bit like Michelangelo’s representations of God in the Sistine Chapel. No, a kilogramme is but an idea; a concept. It’s a very useful concept with concise definition, but for all that, a concept. All of science is ideas and concepts. Some prove useful and bring about innovation and new technology. Some make good predictions and help us to understand the natural world in a different, ever evolving, but probably never finished, way.

So, when you get down and think about it (or, rather are forced to think about it carefully because of what one has witnessed), there really may be no fundamental difference between science and religion, certainly none worth fighting or generating bad feeling over. Both are ways of thinking about the truth – both are based on concepts or ideas.

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope that when you see God you’ll still be alive and able to do something about it – although I wish you luck with deciding what that should be.

September 4, 2013

Hi! My name is Jasluv and i’m from india! I’m a sikh
in sikhism , we have a holy book called “Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji” which is a collection of our 10 gurus and many other god lovers who’ve been sort of prophets as well!
we are commanded to recite atleast 7 set of verses daily as they do certain functions like connecting us to ground, sky ,fire ,water ,air etc and keeps our soul one with GOD.
I don’t know how i met GOD but i’ve had visions of a place which is beautiful beyond description. There is a music…a very godly and pure music there which is melodious and it soothes the soul! There were countless realms i could see from that place…countless worlds and endless beauty.
And there was this young guy…he was PERFECT!
He had this hair which were white but black also and all other colours and many more i’ve never seen before…they were all there. He wore a royal robe which had such a tremendously beautiful design as if it has been dyed in GOD’s name ! His glance was so great! beyond description! There was a greatness in his glance…there was love and peace and beauty. I could experience so much righteousness in that man! He was truly GREAT! His face was forever young and his authority was such that without his will…even a leaf cannot move!
He was truly amazing! But he made me know that he wasn’t GOD but someone who was “CLOSE” with GOD…he was GOD’s True Son! His only son! Maybe he was jesus or someone else! But whosoever he was….i could see GOD in him….!

August 26, 2013

Im 19 years old and i live in belgium. My mother always told us to pray since we were little so we did. Everytime i prayed it was like i was in a trance and i forgot that i was in my room and than my mind or my spirit i dont know wznt to a grot were god was. I could see him. He sat there. I could only see his back but i coulf feel his power he was wearing a tunik but i couldnt see very well because it was a little bit dark in the grot. I could even see myself on the kneed praying for him. And he just say there listening to what i had to say. And i always felt so safe next to him. I havent experienced this anymore since my 15 years 🙁 ive also seen an angel back when i was like 8 years old. It was in the period that my parents were getting divorced. One night i was sleeping when i suddenly hear a loud BOOM in the room thats what woke me up. I remember being so scared but i was little and so curious so i looned. I saw this big light i couldnt even look my eyes were hurting i tried to use my hands to cover my eyes to look but it didnt help. I looked at my mom and sisters to see if they heared the noise to but they were sleeping. And yes we all slept togheter because she felt alone. So i turner my back again to the light when i saw a very big man standing at my side of the bed he had wings very big wings that were blowing wind at my face everytime he moved them. He had a white skin a white tunik with a brown belt and he was wearing sandals he had blond hair and he was so handsome ! Suddenly i wasnt so scared anymore he looked so sweet and smiled at me . He looked at me for 1 minute and than spoke to me . He said ” dont be afraid my child , im angel gabriel , the angel from jesus christ” than he told me to pray very hard he repeated that last sentence 3 times . Just when i gathered all my courage to talk to him he dissapeared. I woke up my mom and told her . First the diddnt believe me but than i showed her the place were the angel was standing . You can still see his footprints !!!

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

August 22, 2013

My name is Matt, I’m 25. I’ve seen God ten or so times in my life, in a variety of ways. The first time was with a girl, we were 20 and falling in love. We had each been crushing on the other for the past month or so and sneaking around work trying to bump into the other, but there were so many reasons not to be together. After things happened, we were sitting on the floor of her room one night (clothed) and laughing and God just came upon us. I knew instantly that He was behind all the urging in my life. God came upon as bright, blissful, inexplicable transcendent light. We were all one, myself God and the girl. My thoughts following the experience were simple… “I never knew I was eternal before” and “that’s where I come from”. The next day she came up to me and said that that had never happened to her before. Naturally, being 20, I assumed that’s what falling in love was until over the years I realized none of my friends and nobody I confided in could relate. A year later she told me that she tried to tell everyone she knew about it also!

August 11, 2013

Hello my name is mathew I’m 17 years old. Two days ago I had a dream that I was in my backyard the ski was really dark I turned to my left and saw something come out the ground it was satin he walked past me and stopped and just looked around then I turn to my right towards the sky the clouds opened and there was a bright light then I saw god jump to where I’m at right next to me I was shocked and scared he looked at satin and satin just left god walked around looking at other people talking to them (I wasn’t alone) then he came to me and sat me down then he hugged me so tight I just started to cry with emotions I hugged him back he smiled at me then he got up and left…. This was the first time I saw god in my dream ever, what does it mean??

August 21, 2012

What is it you wish to know and why? I have not only seen GOD, but I sat beside GOD and spoke with him for 2&1/2 hours with Yashua, whom most of the world knows as Jesus as a witness.

July 28, 2012

“Long-story-short?” …as possible! Sorry, I tried.
Here’s an act of God in Biblical proportion! (a TRUE experience that should yank you out of your box, as well as teach you many secrets of God). I did not ask for or expect this (you decide).

“Long-story-short?” …as possible! Sorry, I tried.
Here’s an act of God in Biblical proportion! (a TRUE experience that should yank you out of your box, as well as teach you many secrets of God). I did not ask for or expect this (you decide).
My life got to a point where I had to come out of the forest to see the trees because there were just too many serendipities going on here! (I was seeing all the pieces to a puzzle but not getting the picture). That is when I started documenting as it unfolded “…He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7. And there is sooo much more, I witnessed over 70 acts of God (miracles). Things are constantly being revealed to me, therefore, this is an excerpt from my book about to come out, I submit to you the latest version (rough draft update, as of July 2013)…
In 1955, my parents (from Toledo, OH), with their 5 children, moved to Modesto, California a few months prior to my birth. All the way there, I was behind the steering wheel with Mom, my siblings came down with the German measles, and then we lost the brakes on Donner’s Pass (a brand new station wagon on the steepest road in the US), and other things I can’t mention here. There definitely was a war going on in the spirit world to prevent this birth! But God always wins His wars…especially to protect someone for HIS PURPOSE (THIS big purpose). Thus, this prophet with a HUGE message was born Dec 28, ’55 < remember that date O;-) Brought home from the hospital, my only brother (at the time) said “It’s not a boy? Throw her in the garbage!” and ran off. A sister ran when she heard my name, she thought I would be black because the only one in her life with my name was black (and the devil used these sayings throughout my life to taunt me!) My Dad's only sister, who I only knew her face and name, said "You remind me of that Joseph in Egypt whose siblings…!" (How did she know this of me? She didn't even live with us!) One day (in my late 40's) the LORD revealed to me “Your birthday is significant to what I chose you for, go find out.” (I refused and argued...testing the voice/spirit) “What does my birthday have to do with anything, I am nobody! …if this is God, He’d just tell me what it’s about!” O;-) Few weeks later, I was in my front room and the TV was on in the family room, and only heard Pat Robertson (from The 700 Club) say “Do you know whatDecember 28th is?” (Then is when I found out, "...It’s the anniversary of all the toddlers slaughtered at the hands of King Herod in hopes to do away with Jesus!") When I was age 3-1/2 (I’m 57 now), we all moved back to Toledo, Ohio, which severely traumatized me (and was living with it, until “July 2013” when I finally faced it “with God”). 1959: Moving from new house, sun, sand, flowers and fun, always in a cute, crisp, colorful cotton sunsuit with ties at the shoulders EVERYDAY…to an old house under construction, mud, visqueen, rain, cold, hail and thunder, snow, and hats, gloves and sweaters, etc! I had to search FAST for serious answers why my world turned upside down (nightmares), all I could do was cry…inside and out! (God's plan?) Didn’t know "Sorrow is better than laughter: for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better." Ec 7:3. With the trauma and search to end it soon, it became my whole life! I yearned for what my heart felt as “home”. Staying silent, listening to everything of wisdom, seeking answers (TRUTH), and the words to express my heart, because I was always asked “Why the sad face?” and “Cat got your tongue?” not to mention the searching for comfort (LOVE) that prevents toddler nightmares, even begged for a teddy bear at Christmas, but refused, and could find nothing to satisfy, but only my two fingers, fuzzy blanket, and heart felt “good”, so I clung to THAT! Mom would say of me "You could never get her to smile, she was always so sad!" and "Oh, you just love LOVE!" and a brother slammed a phone in my ear (twice) after shouting real ugly “Oh, love, love, love!” (8 siblings and parents getting older and nastier), no hugging, kissing, saying "I love you", etc. Mom claimed “Your Dad never told me ‘I love you’! And the way I was raised, one of 11 children…how can you get blood out of a turnip?!” (Her excuse for the drill sergeant she became, but I didn’t understand that then). Age 7, I more than welcomed a tiny Bible from the hands of the Gideons who visited my grade school and said "Jesus loves you” (I immediately thought "This is God! He loves me because He appreciates my heart, only He can see inside, that's why He loves me and others don’t!” (I hated to read, didn’t want to know about worldly stuff, but NOW, that became the reason I wanted to read! < teachers, heed this) “…I want to get to know Him, this book will give me all the answers I need and we can know each other, He will want me for His friend, because He loves too!") < my first experience of hope (and “love”) for the first time in my life! A couple weeks later, the teacher demanded “…$2.00 or return the tiny Bible!” (hidden under my pillow for fear someone would take…my only treasure! I cried all the way home on the school bus) Mom saw when I asked for the $, snatched it out of my hands and said "That's not… (her religion)!" then ripped it to shreds in my face and slammed into the garbage! (That was my FIRST version of His crucifixion!) There I stood looking into the can and crying even more, but still grabbing for “hope” (“I can get it and tape it…!”) she continued “…and if I see you go near that, I will paddle your behind!” I then ran to my room crying my eyes out! (Do you think God heard? Seen my heart then?) Let’s see… I wanted to die or run away! But something inside of me said "I know! I will make Him my invisible friend; no one can take THAT away from me!" (didn’t know it was Biblical) “But Jesus called them unto Him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” Luke 18:16. I witnessed miracle after miracle since! But having no one to explain the happenings, nor understanding life, struggling without being fed spiritually (except my secret communication with Him), it got so bad for me near age 10, seeing siblings turning 18 and leaving home…I couldn’t imagine waiting 8 more years! I swallowed a half bottle of aspirin (but nothing happened! If something did, think anyone would figure out why?) In my teens, I came to the conclusion “No one knows love and no one knew God…like I do…will I become a nun like my Mom's sister? ...Oh, why was I born in this family?!...Why wasn’t I born ‘Mary’?!!!” < God was showing me a secret there! (decades later I realized this). At age 14, for 45 minutes, I had it out with God behind a Kroger store! “I know You are up there and can hear me…DO SOMETHING, or take me out of here! No one has my heart…they are all nasty and mean! I have no one to talk to but you…!” Got the bag of groceries, crossed the first road with a medium strip and stopped to catch my breath (my first encounter with an angel happened), a beautiful voice about 5 inches from my right ear melted me, saying “It’s all clear” (meaning God heard?) Then, on the way home a voice kept saying “Remember your age, 14, don’t forget, remember, you are 14…” FOR A WHOLE BLOCK! I wondered why this was being said to me, and it finally hit me! I turned around, pointed my finger up at the sky and yelled in hurt and anger “WHY?! Beeccaause YOU won’t do anything until I’m…50 or 60?! (Thought that was old…but I’m 57 now!) …LEAVE ME ALONE!” and ran the rest of the way home scared out of my wits at what just happened! (Could not understand that at the time, and had no one to share this with). When I was in the worst, traumatic times, angels would get me in the night and take me far above the earth and I would experience a breath of fresh air no one could experience living on earth, what I saw. I cherish. Probably (psychologically) why I wanted to become a Flight Attendant, and graduated from TWA in 1988. But He finally showed me what He was waiting to this age for! (Something awesome He put in my hands to do for Him, He told me about 9 months prior to it’s birth, and confounds even the wisest of man!) THE GREATEST INVENTION OF ALL TIME!!! conceived through The Holy Ghost! (no one refutes it when I show it. One pastor got angry at God for not giving him it! Another wanted it for his whole congregation! One pointed out “Your husband’s name is ‘Joseph’ and yours is…? I agreed, it fits!) Excited and in awe, pinching my arm and wondering “Is this really happening to me, why me?” Curious, I deliberately scheduled a visit with a psychologist to see what he would say, and heard “Do you realize what you have here…You will be speaking and signing your book all over the world!” OMG! I can’t wait to tell (and show) the whole world what I received from God (many things), and to give to everyone! And it is no coincidence our names are Joseph & Marie Skonecki (meaning “There will be another…To get THE WORD out…Final, last, at the end” < The LORD revealed this to me, and was verified) Could talk for days on this (not here though), but I can and must tell this… Went to church one day in my 30’s, and a pastor preached on “Jesus, the Son of God”, and realized I still thought “Jesus” was the name of God. “The Son” part had gone over my head all those years! And in my 40's, I realized Jesus = TRUTH (Eph 4:21), and God = LOVE (1Jo 4:8)! (How did I miss that too?!) BUT HEAR THIS: (Remember my birthday?) When our sons were 8 and 9, we took them camping (Kelley’s Island, Lake Erie), I fractured my back in a diving accident, panicked in midair, body went limp and spine snapped loud, then almost drowned (I mention this to prevent this from hurting anyone else!) I suffered 9 years and was getting worse. In my 40’s, Aug. 22, 1996, about 6am, I woke up with the energy of a 15 YO, took advantage, out in yard. Soon, my back was in excruciating pain (as usual), but paralyzation was setting in, going up my legs to waist (new symptom!) got in house, layed on back, horrified, phone in my right hand ready to call 911, I decided to call on the Lord for healing first, picked up my left hand and started counting on my fingers to distract my mind from doubting (remembering “If any man doubt, let not that man think he will receive anything…” < Scripture), 1, 2, 3…the back was more than healed! It was PLUPERFECT! Didn’t match the rest of my body and was like a new born baby…and, are you ready for this? ...GOD'S HANDS WERE IN ME!!! as real as mine! The thumbs pointing upward and fingers outward, wrists fitted together at my spine, what an awesome brace! The nerves all around the hands could feel every part of them but not inside them, like a foreign object but inside my body, what an awesome brace!) Then, He reminded me that His mother had His hands in her too! (I did not ask for this), I thought when you ask for a healing, your body goes back to normal! “Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us” Eph 3:20. Thought of getting x-rays, but insurance only covers for pain? The hands were where the pain WAS and lasted for 3 days and 3 nights! The "pluperfect" healing lasted 1 whole month! And I did all kinds of work since, in no pain (total healing). 4 years later (after asking Christians and Clergy any chance I got if they ever heard of such a healing, to no avail), Joseph told me about a Bible online, "Type a word and see all Scripture verses that that word is in" (I typed "hands" wondering what I'd find, and saw 438! BUT FINALLY FOUND: Ps 28:5 "Because they regard not the works of the LORD, nor the operation of His hands, He shall destroy them..." OMG! "Operation of His hands"! I was dancing for joy, days, weeks, saying “It’s in the Bible!” (over and over). FAST FORWARD: after witnessing over 70 miracles (acts of God) and documenting for my book, last year (2012, 16 years past the “Pluperfect” healing with His hands) I found another verse because I typed "operation", to go right to "operation of His hands", needed it for a brochure of the healing ministry He gave me. Finished the brochure, then asked for "a sign" (as prophets do) if The LORD was pleased, still with me, etc., then forgot I asked. Strangely, I hear "Look at the Scripture verses" and assumed it was me. I looked and saw nothing. Heard again "Look at..." so I made sure I wouldn't say that again to myself! “For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not.” Job 33:14 < LOL! I found that verse while typing this! So when I heard again "Look..." I knew then “IT IS GOD!!!” (O.T. “Out of heaven He made thee to hear His voice that He might instruct thee.”, and N.T. “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” Jhn 2:25). I put everything aside and scoured "Ps 28:5, Is 5:12" < and found MY BIRTHDAY!!! OMG! “SERENDIPITY”? And, the greatest Scripture of the Bible too! Know why He did this? Because He knows I have the backbone to tell the world this, any chance I get to make His point clear! DO NOT DISREGARD HIS WORKS, OR THE OPERATION OF HIS HANDS! (It was "HIS HANDS" that healed me, not doctors), and much more work that He gave me to do for Him beyond that. A couple weeks ago, I came to realize how “the heaviness of missing “Modesto, California” (my heart’s home) effected my whole life (a sad, to what turned into a discouraging feeling in me 24/7), every time I held and seen something with a label “California”, my heart leaped with joy and with sadness (that 3 year old in me still), but that was lifted from me when I called on The Lord about dealing with this ruining my life “Lord why do I feel this discouraging spirit in me always, where is it coming from?” He showed me the longing for “home” when I was a child! After getting over the shock in facing this, I said “But how can I deal with it? I can never afford to go there to live, or even visit, Lord, if only I could walk out that door and…!” I hear “Go to Google Earth, type in the address and BE THERE INSTANTLY! See what you missed!” All excited, and wondering why I didn’t think or do this before, I called an older sister to see if she remembered the address, “Oh sure, I could never forget that address! It was 1234 Bowen Avenue, Modesto, California!” A HUGE WEIGHT WAS LIFTED off me as I (LOL!) “scrolled up and down the street”, turning and looking at that house from every angle, and came to the conclusion, the house I live in now looks similar, but is far better than that one! As much as I had always cherished my home in California, dreaming constantly of it for over a half century, I took one last look before shutting down Google Earth, and low and behold, under the overhang of the house (in the shadow), right in the middle of the whole picture of the house, is a small girl doll (wearing a sunsuit as a toddler) errect and facing the house!!! (Go there and see it for yourself!) What is the odds of that?! (before Google changes the picture, for "updating"). I am now alive, I see my world much differently, have unspeakable joy and will now have fun making this house I am in (now) “my home” (although I've lived here for over 32 years), and not take for granted anymore, I will show the neighbors how this is MY DREAM HOME and live happily ever after with a new backbone and peace! Oh, if this world only knew what I know! (So much more, so little time!) Regard, Marie (from Joseph & Marie Ministries)