June 25, 2009


Yes, I have experienced our ultimate home. Have you? Once experience, there is no doubt about there being a God. :o)
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June 24, 2009

I work in a catholic church as a caretaker and after years of bad luck and health problems I sat in the church alone one afternoon and spoke my mind to God. I stated that I have had enougth of this world and was sick to death of what I see others doing in his name, making money, hiding behind God and that I was going to pull the plug and end my life. That night in my sleep I was confronted by the bright head of the lord his eyes where so blue they would have melted ice. On awaking I recalled this vision stright away it was so beautiful and I feel honered to have seen him for whatever reasons I dont know. Yours Terry Anthony

June 23, 2009

I have seen.

God is not an idea within a dream. God is not an idea anyone has handed you. Those are just ideas.

God is the former of ideas.

God is IDEA. Not just one idea.

Look in a mirror. Tell me what you see. Look a bit longer. Tell me what you see.

There is a being that wakes up every morning in the same bed. It knows this bed is its own, so it does not question why it woke there. It sees its face in the mirror every morning. It never questions if it is the same face it saw yesterday, why wouldn’t it be? When it remembers its other selves, it calls them “dreams” or “people” – depending.

There is a thing that lives forever, but it does not want to think about that. It wants to believe it is afraid of death, so that it does not have to face forever.

If you are looking for beauty or love, do not look for god. God is beauty and love, but the “beauty” and “love” you know of are just ideas someone handed you. And god is not an idea someone handed you. He is “beauty”. He is “Love”. The ideas are just paltry. God is not a paltry idea.

When you see, God will mean something very different to you than it previously did. You will wish to throw away the old words, because they have new meanings now. You will wonder why you didn’t know that you knew. But you will know why you forgot, beyond a question.

It will be a comfort that does not comfort at all, for knowing doesn’t change a thing.

You will laugh at the gurus and sages who tried to tell you through books, and they will laugh right back.

You will realize why mirrors are sort-of-creepy. Because they held a message for you all along. Most “creepy” things hold a message.

But you already know the message.

Love god, but don’t try to do so. Recognize that it is impossible not to. Realize what bed you have been waking in. Look at the spiral. Know it.

See it. Please. For I am bored, and tired. I want the world to dance and sing. I want it to know that though it dies, it never dies.

Because I want someone to play with, and no one seems to like play anymore.

You are my other faces, and I am yours. I love you all.

June 22, 2009

Inspired by the cerebral feel of Alex Grey’s work…would like to share these images with him….

Universal Crossings Computer Collage Kirkster Inc.

Seeds of Life Computer Collage Kirkster Inc.

Universal Cross Computer Collage Kirster Inc.

Recess After Period 5 Scanned Mixed Media Kirkster Inc.

M,and Ms Overlays (Malevich, Mondrain, Matisse)
computer collage Kirkster Inc.

Metallic Purple Infusion, scanning of made objects
Kirkster Inc.

June 21, 2009

YES. I have seen God. I saw God in 1993. I tried
telling people like Oliver Stone, but no one believed
me. Life went on to be very difficult because no one
believed me. I tried to fulfill my life goal as an
actress in the movies but because of William Morris
Agency’s discrimination of the Middle Class, they
rejected me and would not accept me–AFTER they
(Oliver Stones family)told me they had a job for me
working for Peter Antonijevic, the film director.
When I was in San Francisco I was told to go and work
for Peter Antonijevic.Danial Holeman When I relocated to Los
Angeles in 2001 to where Peter’s office is, they
denied me the right to my job and his agent, William
Morris Agency told me they couldn’t let me see the
director. Please go here and support the individual
right to accomplishment and the individuals right to
get their own job without needing permission, or being
held back by a less intelligible third party like the
criminals William Morris Agency.
(They do not believe in God, and I tried to tell them
it was extremely important, but they didn’t believe
me.) It is very important not to hold back or
discriminate against great spiritual leaders because
their knowledge of God and art can help everyone.

After I saw God, I believed there was only good in the
world. Then, in the Spring of 2001, I saw Satan.
Satan is made of the same material that God is, but he
is much smaller than God. Both are male. Satan is
the one who says no and waves his left finger back and
forth in the air. He has long finger nails, and four
knuckles on one finger. His fingers are long and
skinny like a birds claw. God is HUGE. Now, I know
evil exists too. I didn’t believe in evil before I
saw Satan. I thought it was just a gimmick or a ploy
to make money. Many parts of the Bible are true. The
truth lies in what GOD COMMANDED. What God commanded
is VERY, VERY true. God commanded that his accusers
shall be covered, and when I saw Satan, he had a cover
on his head.

I love God, and I thank Him for giving me the
beautiful gift of life.

I respect the religious views of others, but I believe
it is important that we respect each other. We, the
believers in God, allow others to think differently
and believe in other creations, such as the Buddha. I
believe that everyone has the right to their own
thoughts and beliefs. It is important to remember,
however, that God was first, before any man or any
mans writings.

I have been looking for others who have seen God or
Satan. Thank you very much for having this forum for
people to gather from around the world to share their
experiences. I would be interested in participating
in a discussion group with others who have seen God or
Satan. Please visit my website at:

LOVE and peace,

Andrea Calabrese

June 20, 2009

I have been searching for many years to find others who have had similar experiences. Thank you for giving this topic a place to be heard. Following is the condensed version of my story. To read the full version or comment, please email me at nancygian@msn.com.

I feel very fortunate to be able to say that I often experience moments of grace, but it hasn’t always been so. But the first time it happened was so extraordinary, I will remember it for as long as I live.

The first morning rays of sun were just filtering in through the window, as I lay in that comfortable state between half-sleep and awakening. As I opened my eyes, I realized with a start that I was not in the guestroom of my parents’ house where I had gone to sleep the night before. Instead, I was in a world filled with the most brilliant white light I had ever seen. This incredible light didn’t fill the world – it was the world. It spread out in every direction, as far as I could see, occupying not only space and every object within it, but myself as well. So all encompassing was this light that there wasn’t room for anything else. Time did not exist, nor did spatial dimensions or anything you could touch. I could not even claim a single thought or emotion, except one. Together with this awesome light was – love. But it was a love that far surpassed anything I had ever experienced here on earth. So pure, so unconditional, so blissful was that love that I knew I had to be standing in the presence of God. Words cannot begin to describe the feelings that coursed through me. I felt a joy, an ecstasy, a state of grace and release that was not of this world. To know that an Energy so mighty in its absolute perfection loved an inconsequential speck of a human like me – regardless of what I said or did or thought – seemed absolutely impossible. And yet, it was real. It was truly All There Is. I felt it in every cell of my body, and it was almost more than I could bear. My eyes overflowed with tears as I acknowledged the magnitude of this gift. And it was with great sadness that I realized I would never experience this again until I too, reached the other side. I didn’t want to be separated from this love ever again, but slowly the light fell away and I found myself in the bedroom that I knew so well.

Since that day, I have never been afraid of death. And I will never, ever, doubt the existence of God or the unconditional love He has for all of us – his children. Even in my darkest moments, I know that He is watching over me and offering me an opportunity to obtain my heart’s desire. And when my time comes, I will be looking forward to going home, too.


June 19, 2009

From my web site at http://www.luciddreamer.com

This is the story of my personal journey to the truth of who I believe we really are. Through this experience I became aware that we are all part of a much larger consciousness, a conscious collective which is greater than the
sum of its parts, but in the same light each of the parts are greater than the seeming individual divides from one another. At the time this was
happening I thought I had met God, now I believe that I met the sun of Gods love; the source of our own collective souls existing in a place that is both before and after time, a place we come from and return to.

This experience was not the result of using drugs, I had been anti-drug my entire life to the point of usually refusing simple over the counter pain relievers, so rest assured it wasn’t induced by any kind of substance. The night before I had this experience I was at a very low point in my life, the world seemed so terribly unjust and cruel that I was at a breaking point and
when just getting home walking from my car to the front door I paused to look up into the star filled sky and with tears rolling down my cheeks
quietly cried Why, why, why? I could not understand how complete innocents could be treated so terribly, how children could suffer so unjustly under the hand of another. I did not believe that God could exist because any such
“God” which would allow these kinds of things to happen wasn’t any kind of God to me. I couldn’t pray to the concept of God but the universe was real, the immense out there, the all that is was something I could pour out my
heart to without needing a belief in God. That night I gave the heavens my full heart seeking an answer to that question, with all my heart tearfully pleading for the answer.

The next afternoon I received an answer to that question; since we are all a part of one another we do it to ourselves. Although the answer didn’t completely make up for all of the pain, much of the edge of that pain was taken off by being able to understand why such terrible things could happen to innocent children, because we are all really one, we in effect are only hurting ourselves when ever we hurt another. Because of this and this alone
we are allowed the freedom to do good or evil, if we weren’t really one I do not believe God would allow any of it to occur. In the end we all pay the price for any wrong as well as reap the reward for any good. The following is how the answer came to me through a dream that was the most lucid moment of my life before or since:

The Presence of the Great I AM

One warm afternoon in 1996 I took a short nap. I awoke within it to find myself standing in the presence of a huge sun or sphere of light, I quickly understood that this sun was pure conscious awareness. Although its surface
was only swirling light and without a face, it seemed as if it was smiling at me and had nothing but love for me.

I felt its thoughts as one with my own and felt it peering deeply into my own awareness, knowing everything about me all at once. Standing in its presence I was overcome by a deep sense of awe and at the same time I was
surprised to find myself so fully conscious in this empty, but light-filled void. There was nothing in existence for me but myself and this bright
bluish white sun smiling its awareness at me. It was unlike any place on earth, and yet as real as waking reality. In fact, it was more real; I was

Suddenly I came to a profound awareness that this sun was God! I was so overwhelmed and surprised that God was real that I mentally gasped and then yelled out, “You’re Real!” I had always had a deep mistrust of religion. Years before this experience, I had decided for many seemingly valid reasons that religion and God were only a product of the human mind, yet there I was standing in the presence of what I knew without a doubt was God. What I had
previously thought to be the truth about the universe was shattered and I stood there stunned, having had my world turned around so quickly.

I was happy because I had always hoped that God was real and that there was a future beyond the physical. As I stood in its presence, I perceived myself to be nothing but pure awareness and without a body. This sun of awareness fully merged with me, seeing everything inside of me. It saw everything I
had ever done (and failed to do) both good and bad, and yet I did not sense or feel this Being was judging me or my past. There was no serial or motion-picture-like review of my life, just a sudden and full knowing about all things I have ever done, thought and experienced.

Because this sun of awareness/God was peering so fully and deeply into me, I felt totally naked, more naked than if I were standing without clothes in front of a million people. This Being seemed to be the consciousness of everyone I had ever known plus that of millions of others. It seemed to be everyone, but incredible as it might seem, most of all it seemed to be me.

Even though I had no awareness of having a body, this feeling of nakedness was more than I could stand. Before I had time to think about what I was doing, I began moving away from this Being as fast as I could. It wasn’t
hat I was afraid, nor that I wanted to get away from this wonderful sun of light, it was more like an automatic response to feeling more naked than I thought naked could be.

As I was traveling away from this Being I found myself bursting through some kind of barrier into a blackness that was filled with wonderful stars; space. As I continued moving forward at a tremendous speed through the star fields, I soon found myself slowing down as if I was up against another barrier or membrane. It seemed to stretch slightly and then I burst through
it into another blackness of star-filled space.

I continued to speed away faster and faster, but regardless of how much physical distance I traveled, I was never any farther away from the sun of awareness at all. I quickly traveled through several star-filled spaces, at least six of them beyond the great sphere of light, each separated from one another by barriers that I was easily penetrating. As I passed through each layer, my speed increased each time, but its consciousness was still with me. It was still deeply within my own consciousness.

All of a sudden, I fell through the top of my bedroom ceiling, hit my body with a jolt and immediately woke up. The jolt was so strong that my bed physically bounced as my body jerked awake in response to the sudden stop. I
opened my eyes and immediately spoke in a low and powerful voice, “I am that great I am.” I said this almost involuntarily; the words spilled out of my mouth without even thinking about what or why I was saying it. I also knew what this meant: that I was the very consciousness that I was trying to get away from!

As much as I tried to get away from that Sun of Awareness, I could never get one fraction of an inch farther away from it, no matter how far or fast I traveled. Even after waking up, it was still with me. To this day, I still feel and know its presence. I believe that this Sun/Intelligence/God wasn’t a single Being, but is the center of all beings, that it is me, you and
perhaps all conscious beings.

From this experience I think that somewhere at the center of each of us is a spark of this same light, and without it we would not have consciousness, and perhaps without us it would not exist either. As I was flying away from this being, I had the impression that I was traveling through several layers within a sphere, but I was bursting through layers like the layers of an
onion but between each layer was star-filled space. I can’t really tell you if I was traveling from the inside out, or the outside in, but as I traveled through them I had an impression that the farther I got from the sphere of light, the smaller I got and the more divided I became.

As I was returning I felt like I was not only traveling through spheres within spheres, but also as if I were traveling from the top of a pyramid down The peak of that pyramid an all seeing eye of omni-present awareness,
the blocks below all of the individuals which make the whole. While trying to move away I could both see and feel myself splitting into more and more diverse copies, each branching off into many other branches which also split
into their own branches, dividing and dividing into ever larger numbers of selves.

Because of this experience, I came to see everyone around me as myself. At the same time, I also see this as equally true from everyone else’s perspective, that I am them too. They too can look around and only see other
parts of themselves, other selves experiencing life from another point of view, separated by their physical bodies and world, by their individual minds and wills, but in reality they are one at their core.

These feelings and thoughts were so strong within me that I had trouble referring to other people at work as anything other than “I.” I had a tendency to think about others as just another part of myself. Just as I think about my hands as being a part of me, I would sometimes refer to others as “I” instead of the name of the person. For example, instead of saying, “He had finished working on that project” it came out as “I had finished working on that project.” I had to re-learn how to refer to others as separate from myself. After four years, I still think of others as myself, but now I can stop from verbalizing it.

If I had the chance to do it over again and stand in the presence of this sun-intelligence-God, I wouldn’t run away from it no matter how startling it is to be seen to such depth. I now hope that I would stand in its presence
no matter how naked I felt. I don’t believe that my motive for running was because I couldn’t stand to face the light, or that I felt like a bad
person, but because I was so unaccustomed to being seen so fully, so suddenly, so clearly and to such depth. Unfortunately my flight away from it took place before I could think of what I was doing and why.

The words I spoke after the experience, “I am that great I am” meant that, although I am individual here, I am also a part of every other consciousness at the great central point of consciousness; God. I am now secure in the
knowledge that this presence of consciousness has always been with me, and that I have never been alone and never will be alone. I now know that this presence is closer to me than anything else in the universe. I had been so accustomed to it that I didn’t know it was there, much like becoming used to a smell in a room, once you are there with it long enough, it begins to fade
into the background. Like silence, it is always there, maybe in the background, behind and between the sounds, but always there. Like a quiet pure awareness, completely silent but ever present. To find it within listen to the silence and then try to find what is behind it, it’s there as strong as your own silent awareness forever smiling at you.

Since having this experience I have come to understand that “I ” the individual; a particle of God’s soul, “Am” also the quantum wave of
eternity. I am both; in divide and one with the eternal self-mirroring wave of consciousness which forms the eternal loop of infinity.

Good and evil as directions of flow:

Long pondering upon the idea of good and evil to understand the core difference between these two concepts and have come to believe that they are no more than two directions of flow. These two directions only differ in that one is an inward flow for itself alone while the other is an outward flow for all.

Good is like a sun giving light out to all, through that giving connecting with all it touches. Much like when an individual loves another and through that giving builds a bridge which connects one to another to share life, yet
allows the differences of each to remain, making each unique soul greater through the connection to one another which makes us whole again. Good gives and takes to ultimately help one another, never itself alone. Good seeks to
glorify the infinity of all for the good of all through freedom, allowing the freedom of choice for each to become what ever they will be.

Evil is like a black hole taking light from all, through that taking connecting with all it touches. Instead of connecting to others through a bridge of sharing evil seeks to absorb all of life into itself alone, instead of allowing diversity evil seeks others to become what it is by destroying their own soul identity, making itself stronger through removing the differences, trying to become whole by pulling all into itself. Evil gives and takes to ultimately help itself alone, never to help another. Evil seeks to glorify its finite self alone to make all into its own singular image, seeking to remove freedom of choice so that all must be what it alone
wills them to be.

Those who do good become greater through freedom, those who do evil become stronger through force. A stronger evil may appear to temporarily defeat a weaker good, but will never be greater. Good is greater than evil because of
the love of our differences, something that evil can never allow and will never defeat. Individuality alone can make us strong, but the love for individual freedoms makes us greater. From this love each finding their own
divinity delivered back into the heart of God.

My current view of good and evil is that which is good seeks to expand into infinity and through that free expansion merges all into a collective whole or oneness with God while that which is evil seeks to contract all into a finite point to achieve oneness. Each are seeking oneness but through different directions; evil seeks to absorb all into itself to make all one through force, good allows the free outward expansion which will also connect us as one but only through free will which allows the differences to remain. My suspicion is that the expansion and contractions are all a part of infinity and as natural as the cycle of day and night, neither outside of
God’s plan. However, to have life and have it more abundantly you must expand and allow others the same freedom else be consumed by the negative attractor which will take away your soul identity as it forces you to become
what it is.

June 18, 2009

The Election in Paradise of Jeffrey Morgan Foss

It was early April, 1981 during the preparation of Passover. An attempt had been made on President Regan’s life a few days before. I was living on Stock Island in the Florida Keys at the time. At about eleven at night, I was compelled to fall on my face alone in the dark to pray on the floor. For three and one half hours, words rolled out of my mouth about every sin and unkind thing I had ever done. I kept nothing secret and opened every darkest closet. Then for the next three and one half hours, words rolled off of my tongue about every dark and terrible act being committed among the nations of the earth. The floor was puddled with my tears.

With seemingly no strength left, I dragged myself onto the fold away bed in the living room and fell face up on it motionless. Just then, a beautiful place opened though the ceiling just like an ancient scroll opening with a living image of a beautiful green environment in it instead of script and I stepped though it into this place. I ascended a steep ridge effortlessly and all my senses were acutely functioning better than ever before. There were young hardwoods on the way up the ridge but at the top was a magnificent, spruce/fir/pine forest which seemed to have been given the utmost care. In front of me was a gorge and on the opposite side a great and wide waterfall which made yet a gentle wisp of sound because of the straightness of the gorge.

I stood frozen in awe. There were places to explore throughout the opposite side and everything was extremely well cared for. If this were not enough, a man in a long white robe emerged from a thick stand of firs farther down on the other side and walked across the gorge in the air without ever breaking stride or looking down. There was no bridge or fallen tree beneath his feet though I strained to see one. This man’s gate was a noble gate and I immediately knew who it was without ever having been indoctrinated by religious orders or sects. Still frozen in my tracks, he approached on a path which ran parallel to the edge of the gorge on my side cutting its way straight though the moss and young firs.

These words came from the depth of my spirit and I could not prevent them: I said, “Good morning, Precious-Wonderful Lord Jesus!” with the excitement of a little child who was receiving a thousand wonderful gifts at once. At this, The Light of The Eternal Father radiated from his heart and I was enveloped and filled in the Light of God. I asked him, “Is this the Light of the Father?” and he replied, “It is as you say.” Then his eyes moved toward the gorge. I followed them with mine and could see, appearing out of the mist of the air, a golden palatial structure. I asked, “Is this the Father’s House?” And he replied, “This is the place we have prepared for you.” Then I asked, “Can I go over with you so that I might meet the others who will be there?” And He said, “No, it is not yet time. First, you have much left to do.” Then I said, “Let me fly to the summit (on my side of the gorge) and circle it three times and return before you. Then let us embrace at length before I must go.” Nick HydeAnd he nodded saying, “Go.” I lifted into the air, the tips of the spruces and firs passed beneath me at a rough distance of fifteen feet, I circled the summit and was then set back before him. After a long embrace, I descended the ridge eagerly toward my mission with full knowledge I would return and that time was no longer a concern.

At a halfway point along the descent, there was a futuristic circular structure nestled in a level area with every kind of hard and softwood. The structure was filled with all kinds of media, music and motion picture equipment. Descending the ridge further, I then returned to my body on the fold-up bed which was miraculously kept alive with slow and shallow sinus rhythm and breathing.

I sprang up with a jolt glowing and bathing the room in white light. I was completely cleansed and as light as air in feeling. A golden sun had risen and my first act was to befriend a little child who was on his bike riding in circles alone beyond my front door. I put my hand on his shoulder, smiled and offered to show him how to play Yahtzee. Then I said: “If you believe you can roll five sixes, you will.” On his first roll, five sixes stretched across the table close together in a straight line with all the dots pointing in the same direction. The next small miracle was when I wrote a spiritual song, “Glory To You, Lord”, where a butterfly landed on the tuning keys of the guitar I was composing with. In the years to come, there were of course events, miracles and acts of far greater significance but this was the beginning as it happened.

For a long time, people from various places and walks reported that brilliant white light was radiating from me. Seven years before this 1981 event, my voice thundered saying that I stand on the stone of destiny and behold the wisdom of the ages. I knew it to involve the universe as well as the nations. Seven years after 1981 came the Conservation Exchange* vision while I was managing at Bigelow Preserve. And seven years after that came confirmational visions that I had been given authority to address nations and worlds. There were also confirmations from spiritual leaders and spiritual people though the 1980s and 1990s who have been kept untarnished from the politics and meanderings of modern religions. I, myself, was kept safe by miraculous angelic intervention—and not only from this but from physical harms and discomforts along my journeys across North America. And some who were mean came to utter ruin overnight.

*Conservation Exchange is in fulfillment of the Prophet Isaiah. Global military forces and civilians work together in a Forest Recovery/Enhancement and Crops to End World Hunger Pact. Lasting global peace is achieved within a single year by common mission and no longer merely observed philosophically. That is just the beginning. Trillions in monetary units and resources otherwise earmarked for weapons and weapons platforms can then be ruddered to Advanced Individualized Education, Fuel-less Technology, Medical Cures, Affordable Energy and Environment Savvy Homes, Long Life Products/Materials, Major Costs and Tax Relief, The Needy and all people, environment and technological reformation programs that are designed to benefit all people/all life and to succeed. Rich or poor, we can no longer tolerate the violation to life, the natural wonders and the common liberty, happiness and well being of all.

How does this impact other worlds? It will become the universally accepted principle of right governance and the means though which peaceful open contact will occur. It takes all kinds of individuals to make this happen. The reward is that we will have overcome technological deprivation, wars, planetary devastation, disease, poverty and death itself under the most grueling of circumstances historically and will become a light indeed on the very Throne and Footstool of God: Earth. Once we were the children of God and now we become the light of God.

Jeffrey Morgan Foss

June 17, 2009

I saw God once. It was an intense and incredibly profound experience. But
the funny thing is, after twenty years past, all I can remember is this one sure thing: I saw God, and God told me there was no God.

To this day, as a result of that experience, I am at the same time a more deeply spiritual person and also a absolutely committed atheist. After all, how can I believe in God if God Himself told me He didn’t exist?

I could fill in all sorts of details like how can one be spiritual without God (or gods), or my more intellectual conclusions about the experience, or
why it’s not even remotely a contradiction. But none of that really matters
a bit, so I won’t.

June 16, 2009

Yes, I have seen God. When I was just 3 years old he came to me as I was playing out in the side yard under a large oak tree. He told me in comparison who I was, who he was to me, and to entire existence. That was more than 50 years ago. Today he is still the same to me. During my life walk his son joined me on many occasions giving me scenes from my future of which have come to pass. Once when I was a young mother of three in my twenties I came down with blood poisoning and needed to be hospitalized as I was near death. My troubled abusive spouse at the time would not let me be hospitalized. Instead he took me home. The doctor put a paper in my cape pocket and told me to call my mother. When I got home I asked my spouse to give my mother a call. She came over and all I can remember was telling her to look in the pocket of my cape on the bed post and her saying, “Oh My God!” More than a week later I awoke from what seemed to be just a night and dream. I was surprised to see my mother on the couch with my 6 month old daughter. She was more surprised to see me up and speaking as I had been out for more than a week, in which she had stayed by my side nursing me to health and carrying out my duties to my home and children. She even carried me to the hospital each day for intravenous and antibiotics. I told her I wanted a shower. When I was finished she got me a cup of coffee. As we sat on the couch I told her of what I dreamed. I dreamed I was walking with Jesus on a dirt road with a dense but welcoming forest on all sides. We talked and walked and walked and talked. There was such peace with him holding my small hand. He was dressed in a flowing white robe. His feet were bare and eyes blue. When I looked into his eyes I could see forever and ever no end. When we reached the end of the road there was a barrier with a luminous light (brighter than anything imaginable) flowing through it in small beams. Like the sun shines through the early morning forest. But this light was so much more. I wanted to go with Jesus to the other side with the light. He told me as he took a step up into the other side that I could not go. He told me I had to go back my time was not yet. I did not know where I had come from or what I was going back to, only that I had to go back, which made me sad. During my walk with Jesus there was such peace beyond all knowledge and understanding. When my mother told me of her long journey of caring for me I was moved to tears as she exclaimed, “I wouldn’t let you die!” I fell deathly ill on January 1, 1980.

My life journey since has only drawn me closer to my God and existence. He answers prayers before I can ask them, when they are still just a thought. His wisdom surpasses all understanding. No one can tell me that there is no God for I have seen him and he is with me all ways.

If you don’t see God or hear him trying seeking and listening. He is there, He knows all, HE forgives ALL.

Corpus Christi