July 5, 2009

Today I have seen this homepage the first time and I red the experience Ana from Portugal made. I had exactly the same imagination beeing in a garden and realizing that Jesus smiles to me. Than he gave me his hands and the warmth, love, peace and energy was owerwelming me. Suddenly I felt that Jesus and me are identical, I was Jesus, no separation, I felt like he felt. This was real love, unity and one of the most spiritual experiences I made. Now I do not wait for such feelings any more. I know that God is in me and everybodyelse and I try to remember every day.


July 4, 2009

In a time when I was in the greatest pain I saw God.realized then that I could have all the love I want through forgiveness and giving love. So simple yet such a gift I was given in this realization.and to this day I know God exists

Linda Falcon

July 3, 2009

The last time I saw god, god must have seen me first, saw me pacing and frantic, felt the aching of my heart, the shortness of my breath, the lump in my throat, and my utter helplessness and need for reassurance. My little brother was dying (one year younger than me, my only sibling), my best friend and the only other person in the world who understood the crazy life we had led and the unique childhood experiences that had shaped us. We had a forever secret BFF club of two. He and I were so close, he was like my alter-ego, a part of me, of who I am. He was in a motorcycle accident just days before, he had been burned and had broken some bones, but his head injury was what eventually killed him. He was an incredible guy, full of seeming contradictions, of weakness and strength, tenderness
and cold calculation, supporting and critical. What I was thinking about, when god intercepted me, was my brother’s tattoos, and how he had been burned. He had recently gotten new tattoos on his left arm, they were stunning works of art, like something Michelangelo would have done if he ever did tattoos. The problem with the new tattoos was the subject matter, they were of religious figures, including the Virgin Mary, doing things such as partaking of drugs and alcohol and leading little children astray. One of his friends told me that when he first saw them he jokingly told my brother, “your going to burn!” Irreverent was how I would describe them, an ironic social statement with the kind of shock value my brother savored, but the nurse who treated him used the word “satanic,” he wasn’t sure what to make of them. My brother’s friends, his girlfriend, andBill Martin “Ascension” I all knew they were not a religious statement on his part, yet he had been burned the worst where he had his new tattoos, and he would have lost them all had he survived. In the backs of our minds we were all thinking what a weird coincidence it was, and wondering despite ourselves if maybe god hadn’t spanked him or something. So there I was, pacing through a neighborhood near the hospital, the knowledge that he was gone (brain-dead) just sinking in, the whole tattoo thing weighing heavily on my mind, not knowing quite what to do with myself, hoping for some kind of sign, wondering what I would tell my parents when they finally arrived, when a little calico cat came darting out of the bushes in front of me. The cat interrupted my forward motion by rubbing up against my legs and demanding attention the way friendly cats often do to strangers on the sidewalk. So I sat down and started petting her, and just hearing and feeling her purr made me feel better. As I sat there stroking her and talking to her, her owner peeked out the front door, smiled, and said, “her name is Magdalen.” I was floored! At that moment I knew I didn’t need to worry anymore, a little cat named after the other Mary, the saint who embodies forgiveness of sins and was the first witness of Christ’s resurrection had stopped me dead in my tracks to give me comfort when I needed it the most. Later I e-mailed this story to some of my brother’s friends, and his best friend wrote back immediately. He said that it was very strange, because he had just been talking to one of his friends about the whole tattoo/burn coincidence and wondering about it himself, but at the same time he had caught himself thinking, for no apparent reason, what a lovely name “Magdalena” was. Shortly after their conversation he got my e-mail, and he too was floored! So there you have it, god can be a little fluffy purring calico cat, the kind that loves everyone and doesn’t think anyone is a stranger.


July 2, 2009

While on retreat with Gangaji, I have the profound experience of the divinity of every being present. In the dimly lit meditation hall, each sitting Buddha appears larger than life and illuminated by a warm glowing light from within. Delicate threads of light connect one to another. Breath stops. The next two and a half hours pass like mere minutes as I delight in the scene, both walking and sitting in meditation.
You are all Divine…
It is my hope that you can see your own divinity.

–Prem Marga

July 1, 2009

I work with Mandalas since a long time ago. He is the representation of the Absolute, “God”. Everyday I talk with him, through my mandalas.

Anna Maria

June 30, 2009

I was a being of Light. I lay on the floor, bathed in a cushioning world of Light. The Light came through me, and about me. I was/am the Light. I could not move, because there was no movement. There was no me to move. There was no end to the I-ness. There was no beginning to my Self. There was only the pure, white, Bliss. I became aware of two large spheres, globes of energy, one cool, and blue, the other hot, and red. One was that which is. One was that which is not. One was the hard, the other, the soft. One, the sweet, releasing Feminine, and the other, the raw, fiery, Male. And I lay there, at the junction of opposites, my Being the very clash of hammer to nail, the carress of the painter’s brush to the canvas, the moment the Word was spoken. I knew that all is as it should be. There can be nothing that is out of balance, for all is the play of Life and Death, the dance of Joy and Sadness, the turning of a world in Grace. There is nothing to change. There is no place to go, no one to become. There is only the sound of Being, in Harmony, God and Goddess united in the embrace of their divine and wondrous Selves. I give thanks for all that is, and for all that is not, in the Now. Firefeather.

June 29, 2009

Some 23 years ago I had what can only be called an “experience”, it certainly was the focal moment of my life. Everything from that point on has revolved around this experience.
I am a musician by trade, pretty much a loner…. a quiet man, who has tried to be ever sensitive to life in both it’s joys and sorrows.
I had laid down to sleep and just started to relax when a series of near simultaneous events began to take place. First there was an act of forgiveness in which I seemed to forgive those who sought both themselves and God in what seemed a shallow manipulative manner. The realization struck me that for every person there is a level at which they are able to get their foot
in the door of life.Cliff McReynolds (detail) From that simple act of forgiveness and
understanding a huge chain of events followed. First there
came a physical trembling, the insistent sound of white noise but most strikingly, a white light exploded somewhere behind my forehead. This lasted for several moments and in that time questions were answered, answers to some questions I hadn’t even asked yet. There was unity, wholeness…. and behind it all was the
breathtakingly powerful force of Love. Inside became outside, the
outstretched had reached for God and God reached back. The understanding of eternity, macro/micro cosom… we are both the center and edge. Logic is suspended… no wait, that’s not entirely true, logic is advanced into a super logic that is capable of
being both logical and illogical, realizing they are only opposite ends
of the same idea. For several days following I would have to pull off
the road and just sit in my car, laughing at the difference between perceived reality and the
reality I have been privileged to experience.
It’s there folks… God, whatever… call it what you will. It simply
waits for you to drop your ego and be willing to forgive yourself and
all others. It requires desire the
willingness to go it alone, the final step is made alone, it’s between
you and your higher self. There is us the reflection, then a higher
self, then there is the source of the light. We become transparent so
that the reflection, the higher self and the light become one.

June 28, 2009

Dear Seer & Seen,

The experience of Seeing God involves us in a paradox. God is nobody’s “object,” such that God may be seen with conventional vision (or even contemplated with ordinary thinking). But we have to start where we’re at. Where do you see your attention and care going? That’s a fine place to start seeing God. God shows up in/through the “place” where love is focused. So push that experience further: concentrate your love on whatever your desire naturally flows toward. Whatever pulls the love out of you is God. Magnify the affectionate attention through generously lavishing love on the lovely.
After practicing this concentration of love, we develop “love muscles.” Our love, now strengthened, can take on less desirable objects; we can now direct love (like a force) toward the unlovely. When the unlovely is loved, it shows up more lovely. When the undesirable is desired, it is transformed into the desirable. This works for difficult people, a dirty car, a dead-end job–whatever. Targeting the unlovely with love leads you to treat it in a fundamentally different way. And your love is usually rewarded with a reciprocal response.
Finally, this promiscuous love will spill out in all directions at once: at this point Lover and Beloved are not-two; God and worshipper are con-fused; Seer and Seen are One.

Thank you; I love you;

Kailash (Mountain Abode of Shiva)

June 27, 2009


My father was sick .. he was a very strong man but one day he called and said I am so sick I need you to take me to the doctor..
As we sat in the office waiting our turn he told me a story.. He was 86 and I had never seen him so badly tired and worn out. and he even had problems walking so I demanded he use a wheel chair..
He said.. I was sleeping in my bed and when I awoke a man was standing at the bottom of my bed. he said my name and asked what is wrong with me.. I blinked my eyes an thought it was a doctor .. so I started to tell him all the things I thought was wrong with me when I realized I was in my own bed.. so I shut my eyes tightly and when I reopened them he was gone.. he elaborated on the fact this man was all in white sorta tall and glowing..
the next day my father died .. in his sleep.. god loved him enough to send a messenger to check on him and I feel relief knowing he had a angel by his side


I experienced a visit with god when my mother was dieing of cancer.. I dreamed I went to my grandmothers house and as I walked through the house from the front to the back.. I stopped at the screen door leading to outside.. the sun was so warm and bright I held up my hands and let it evelope me from the door. My grandfather motioned for me to come outside and sit on what seemed like rocks.. as he talked to me the light like a sun was behind him all shining and warm.. he talked to me for a long time and then said its time for you to go.. I didn’t want to leave but got up and went back into the house.. where I stopped again and let the light of the sun warm me through the door.. when I left and walked through the front door where I entered I immediately woke up.. knowing I had been to a very special place. A place which helped me to understand my mothers death and a spot that gave me comfort in the arms of the lord.. I truly believe that light wasn’t the sun but his ever lasting energy and love.

As things unfolded with my mothers illness.. I knew what to expect .. I think those were angels comeing to help us understand and give us strenght when I needed it most.

Arlene Butcher

June 26, 2009

I can imagine how many people out there have the time and imagination to elaborate on a dream or thought enough times to consider it a “vision” of God. Like many I am searching and scouting my way through life for some sort of connection to God; trying to surmount the infinite distance between myself and the creator. This quest can make anyone feel so insignificant and unimportant. My quest for a vision of God started to pick up speed after I had read a passage from Exodus. In it, Moses had already talked audibly with God and saw his presence, but he still asked something of God; not to prove his existence, but to simply be enraptured to see God’s own form.
For me this seemed to be amazing. Here was a man who not only did something no other human being in history has done, but he still wanted more. I began to pray and ask God if I could in any way experience even a minuscule portion of anything Moses experienced. I prayed night after night and heard and saw nothing. But one night after much dedicated prayer and worship I experienced a chill go up my spine and goosebumps ran through my arms. I opened my eyes and even though I didn’t see Ceramic BowlGod’s physical form or backside as Moses did, I saw this beautiful light. I was praying late at night in my dark room and experienced something I’ll never forget.
The light was formless and yet contained in air without being cast upon anything. It was bright and permeated throughout the room. At this point I began to become frightened. It lasted only a brief moment, but it was enough to satisfy my curiosity. I am a Chemistry and Biology major hopefully to go on into Medical School so I have this “scientific method” of reason engraved in my brain but I tell you with open honesty that this is no fabrication or elaboration. It is simply an experience that I haven’t told anyone about (even my parents). I am glad that you have taken the time to read my story. My last word of caution is this: be careful of what you wish for; you just might get it.