July 10, 2014

Well, I was in back seat of car along with 3 other people.  I know someone called me and as I turned my head to left, I nastily mumbled what.  But beyond the back window I saw the color of a rose garnet.  I have had visions before but nothing so beautiful.  With a stronger voice, I said cool.  The person sitting next to me looked at me, so I asked do you see the colors.  Nope.  Just me.  I watched as vibrant colors started turning in a counter clockwise movement.  Right about between the pink and orange, I began to see what was inside this whirlwind rainbow.  A foot, laced sandal and then the other foot.  A white robe from under His Kneecaps appeared.  A buckle and belt.  Not like men wear today.   The belt had 3 lines going horizontal.  he wore the belt like a champion loosed about His Hips.  Then I saw His Arms stretched out and He began walking ever so gracefully.  Then I looked up as the pink, orange, yellow, green and a royal blue had already circled by.  I saw faces looking in through portholes.  I believe the one face was staring at me.  The faces all looked the same.  Black hair black facial hair.  I saw 6 faces above He who is adorned by Gods Promise, and I believe the porthole windows went around His Room.