April 19, 2014

Hello my name is Nikki and I’ve seen Jesus. I seen him when I was a little girl. I was singing this little light of mine when I seen him. I was so in the spirit. I looked up to the window and there he was. He was wearing a deep red robe with a purple sash. His face was a bright white light the purest light I’ve ever seen. His arms were open as if he was going to give me a big hug. The feeling was like nothing I’ve experienced before or since. I can’t explain the feeling it was like love, peace and, happiness all in one but like none of them it was better! That moment went on for how long I don’t know. I noticed I wasn’t breathing and I was afraid. He disappeared in my moment of doubt. I noticed my friend shaking me and tears on my cheeks as I came back to the world around me. I was in a church full of people and, I believe no one seen him but me. I had guilty knowledge of my savior his clothes were the colors of royalty and his face shining as a light. Some say you can’t see his face unless you’re dead and some say this is how he appeared in the gardens of Gathsemane. I knew nothing about these things as a little girl. Years later as an adult I went back to the church. I was in secret investigating my experience. I seen there were no stained glass windows. I asked them if there had ever been any they said no.  I’ve had one more visit from heaven though not Jesus this time, this time it was an angel. I believed my home was infested with demons. Things would fall in my sons room while he was sleeping. His toys that talked would say bye as I left his room when no one had touched them. Then one night I had a dream I went to go check on my son while he was playing in his room he turned his head and in a deep demonic voice said I’m not your son mommy. I woke up and prayed for an angel to watch over my son. A few months later I went to check on him after he had gone to sleep I flipped the light on and off again quickly while the light was on I seen an angle solid in a white robe standing in the middle of my sons room looking over him. His hair was blond and curly, his face was even and perfect and, his wings were tucked to his back. He was beautiful. I thought I had imagined him for a while then I thought about it I could not have imagined something so beautiful. I’m not special. I’ve never done anything great and yet that God would reach down and give such gifes is beyond me. I love God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and, all the angels. They are my life and my son is my breath.