April 15, 2014

Yes I have seen Jesus Christ before me several times. Before Christ let me know him I was deeply involved in witchcraft and sub first astral projection. I was exercised from or you may say delivered from my evil spirits by a Christian. Such terror I felt in my being from not being able to speak rather controlled by ferocious venomous disgusting overwhelming filth. When this Christian walked into my house I had known him for a short time knowing him to be a Christian out of my body minemouth screemed,
” what do you want with us Christian”. This horrible disgusting extremely murderous anger of voice came out with me without my control this thing was controlling my whole being! And known to me I was possessed by evil spirits I found out later that I was possessed by a controller of spirits they call them Legion. And been known to me this was a principality of power of darkness. I cannot express in human words the terror I experience of this possession. Then also I cannot tell in human words when I was delivered by Jesus Christ by calling out Jesus just the name of Jesus are feeling this feeling of love ,how powerfull love that Shook my body, I loved knowing being known by God, I collapsed,then all of a sudden my whole body flew into the air, my body raged as like an angry baboon,shrieks yelled from my mouth uncontrollably. Yet just as this had taken place I felt weirdly soon released and at peace with myself fairly enough knowing myself and who I am.