April 3, 2014

When i was 18 in 1978 a voice in my head told me to look out the window ,it was a clear blue sky on a summers day ,whilst watching a small hole in the sky started emitting smoke that slowly formed lampstands and an olden style castle .this slowly dissapated and a face was slowly drawn eyes nose white hair when the face had been drawn the eyes opened and a bright light as strong as the sun looked straight at me .The light was so powerful i had to look away in fear and when i looked back it was gone it was at that moment the voice id heard many times in my life said DONT LOOK AWAY DONT EVER LOOK AWAY and that was it
I am not a church based christian but have always felt guided and loved from beyond our realm
I write this as i dont want to get to the other side and find that i was supposed to reveal this so this is why i have now
god bless whomever reads this