March 15, 2014

Hello, I’m Bliss , I am A Chinese chirstian from Singapore . I met God went I was in primary 3 after getting bullied by my classmates , at that time I could not see him . But as time past and my faiths grows , I can see his angels , his messages and sometimes he even uses me as a vessels as I prayed to be allow him to speak through me . At certain times , i would feel an immense Joy , happiness , he would then take me to places during sleep and show me heaven, hell , and the things like what is happening between my friends as sometimes they don’t  tell me most details . But I have seen a vision of Christ at the steps of heaven surrounded by his angels .

Sometimes in my sleep I could hear his angels playing instrument or talking to me . 🙂 it’s a great feeling .

God still talks to me even as today 🙂
He even reminds me of my projects and test dates .

Just want to say : prayers helps in every situation , don’t be afraid to talk to him , he listens , he advises , he understands you , most of all HE LOVES YOU.

Written by Bliss