February 15, 2014

I’ve seen God.  Three spiritual beings brought me before God and this is what I saw and experienced.

The experience I had was when I was in my 40’s.
With my experience I found myself standing before three spiritual beings.  Their appearance to me was pure white light.  The were about size of an average human yet the spiritual beings had only vague slight sense of “form”.  They were more-so pure white light.
In their and my communication it was like conversation yet it was not through words like humans share words.  The conversation was through “thought”.  Like “heart language”.  Known what said yet no facial expression, no body language, no words because they were, Light, no body.
The communication was “words”, no sound yet I knew clearly what they were saying.  The style of communication was natural, not sugary “angelic”.  Yet it was still of substance, respect, care, intelligence while at same time natural and of ease.
There were three of them, yet when they communicated it was as one “voice”.  They would refer to themselves as “we” and “us” yet the sense I felt was that there were unitedly “one”.

This forum here being about “seeing” God, I’ll move forward to that.

After the spiritual beings communicated with me they then brought me in the presence of a huge, infinite in “size” pure white light.  Me standing before then later within the presence of the pure white light I felt immediate knowledge that the Light was God, our Heavenly Father.

The appearance and feeling was like staring directly at / into the full brightness of the sun, yet the intense brightness did not bother my eyes at all.  I was able to look at / upon the the Light, God, yet it felt of ease, felt natural.

What I felt was Love like I’ve never felt nor experienced before.  It felt to be pure, real, natural Love that surpasses any that I’ve ever experienced in life through my spouse, children, new love, newborns, etc.  That Love felt so real, so powerful, yet at same time felt so normal, so natural.

The Light was pure light.  No “shape” yet it still felt so real.  Felt like relating to a “person” yet there was “nothing” in sense of form.

There’s more to the experience, to the communications, yet the question here is ” have you seen God” and my answer is yes, I have seen God, and it’s as I’ve described the experience here.

People believe my experience or not, that’s not of importance.  Our Heavenly Father is real, this I know.