January 28, 2014

detail from Bill Martin paintingPlease hear me: Our Father’s Son will come to us as a woman.  The ring finger was cut from the hand of God, and She misses the Father and longs to return to Him.

I was forbidden to ever speak with the Father, but he came to me once and spoke through radio waves.  He said, “Do not enter the world unless you are prepared to see poverty like you’ve never imagined.”  He gave a choice: open my eyes to the “truth” and evil of the world, or open my eyes to His son.  I chose to be with His son, but here’s the thing you will not hear from most: The second coming will appear as a woman.  She is His son.  She is your father.  You will kill her and crucify her, and you will condemn and forsake her, but She is the second coming.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, so get ready for the final act.