September 4, 2013

Hi! My name is Jasluv and i’m from india! I’m a sikh
in sikhism , we have a holy book called “Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji” which is a collection of our 10 gurus and many other god lovers who’ve been sort of prophets as well!
we are commanded to recite atleast 7 set of verses daily as they do certain functions like connecting us to ground, sky ,fire ,water ,air etc and keeps our soul one with GOD.
I don’t know how i met GOD but i’ve had visions of a place which is beautiful beyond description. There is a music…a very godly and pure music there which is melodious and it soothes the soul! There were countless realms i could see from that place…countless worlds and endless beauty.
And there was this young guy…he was PERFECT!
He had this hair which were white but black also and all other colours and many more i’ve never seen before…they were all there. He wore a royal robe which had such a tremendously beautiful design as if it has been dyed in GOD’s name ! His glance was so great! beyond description! There was a greatness in his glance…there was love and peace and beauty. I could experience so much righteousness in that man! He was truly GREAT! His face was forever young and his authority was such that without his will…even a leaf cannot move!
He was truly amazing! But he made me know that he wasn’t GOD but someone who was “CLOSE” with GOD…he was GOD’s True Son! His only son! Maybe he was jesus or someone else! But whosoever he was….i could see GOD in him….!