August 26, 2013

Im 19 years old and i live in belgium. My mother always told us to pray since we were little so we did. Everytime i prayed it was like i was in a trance and i forgot that i was in my room and than my mind or my spirit i dont know wznt to a grot were god was. I could see him. He sat there. I could only see his back but i coulf feel his power he was wearing a tunik but i couldnt see very well because it was a little bit dark in the grot. I could even see myself on the kneed praying for him. And he just say there listening to what i had to say. And i always felt so safe next to him. I havent experienced this anymore since my 15 years 🙁 ive also seen an angel back when i was like 8 years old. It was in the period that my parents were getting divorced. One night i was sleeping when i suddenly hear a loud BOOM in the room thats what woke me up. I remember being so scared but i was little and so curious so i looned. I saw this big light i couldnt even look my eyes were hurting i tried to use my hands to cover my eyes to look but it didnt help. I looked at my mom and sisters to see if they heared the noise to but they were sleeping. And yes we all slept togheter because she felt alone. So i turner my back again to the light when i saw a very big man standing at my side of the bed he had wings very big wings that were blowing wind at my face everytime he moved them. He had a white skin a white tunik with a brown belt and he was wearing sandals he had blond hair and he was so handsome ! Suddenly i wasnt so scared anymore he looked so sweet and smiled at me . He looked at me for 1 minute and than spoke to me . He said ” dont be afraid my child , im angel gabriel , the angel from jesus christ” than he told me to pray very hard he repeated that last sentence 3 times . Just when i gathered all my courage to talk to him he dissapeared. I woke up my mom and told her . First the diddnt believe me but than i showed her the place were the angel was standing . You can still see his footprints !!!

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