August 22, 2013

My name is Matt, I’m 25. I’ve seen God ten or so times in my life, in a variety of ways. The first time was with a girl, we were 20 and falling in love. We had each been crushing on the other for the past month or so and sneaking around work trying to bump into the other, but there were so many reasons not to be together. After things happened, we were sitting on the floor of her room one night (clothed) and laughing and God just came upon us. I knew instantly that He was behind all the urging in my life. God came upon as bright, blissful, inexplicable transcendent light. We were all one, myself God and the girl. My thoughts following the experience were simple… “I never knew I was eternal before” and “that’s where I come from”. The next day she came up to me and said that that had never happened to her before. Naturally, being 20, I assumed that’s what falling in love was until over the years I realized none of my friends and nobody I confided in could relate. A year later she told me that she tried to tell everyone she knew about it also!