May 10, 2012

One afternoon in my back yard, I glanced up into the sky at about 45 degrees and I could not believe my eye’s, what appeared to be about 500 or 600 feet up was an image of Jesus formed from a dark cloud my jawed dropped as I stared at him,I was speechless and to blow my mind even more after a few seconds very quickly a bright white silvery cloud formed next to Jesus and became Our father ‘God’. I called to my wife and she stepped out of the house, I asked her if she saw what I was looking at and she said no, I knew then that this manifestation was for my eyes only.
As I was staring at God he was looking square at me and Jesus was looking away which bothered me. In the last few seconds God had a faint smile for me and believe it or not, He winked at me, after The wink they both dissipated and left me in bewilderment.
God is a very handsome man with large hair
That was very full and wavy and curly. The Bible tells us that we are made in his image and that is true, he looks exactly likes us. I’ve known men in the past that had God’s features. I recognized Jesus the instant that I
Looked up because he looked exactly like all
Of our paintings of him. I intend to do a painting of God and Jesus as I saw them that afternoon. This happened in 2008 and I think of that wonderful experience almost everyday
Since. God really made me feel at ease about everything. ‘THANK YOU MY FATHER’.