May 10, 2012

Okay I’m Steve Berg

I wrote a post back in Oct, I’m the non-religious Jew who ‘woke’ after helping to restore the roof at the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem.

Well, things have moved on since then, I’m heading towards something and it’s moving faster now!

Now….does this sound familiar?

God? If you understood my last post you will realise a simple insurmountable truth.

The ‘infinite’ cannot be known as it can’t be quantified, and yes what we call ‘God’ is the infinite, kind of like a pure intelligence that is not linear. The best way to describe it is like that of the convenient example we now have of the PC, (bearing in mind that all we see manifest in this world began as an idea that popped into the mind of a person, and ultimately, you can’t quantify/trace the mind!)

As a metaphor I’ll say then that the PC does not ‘do’ anything it, simply ‘is’. The ‘animation’ we see on a PC screen comes via a program ‘running’ in a linear way. Do you see the analogy I’m trying to show? God simply ‘is’ outside of time and space, where as we, the manifest are tied to time and space, (again that is explained in my Oct post, why consciousness as a re-cognised feed back loop is reliant on space and time).

Let me tell you a metaphoric tale that will explain more of ‘what’s going on’. Sorry it’s complex, there’s no way around it.

So, what we are is a paradox. Consciousness, which has to be infinite as you can’t conclude it, and by this I mean, well, as an example. ‘How big is your mind?’

You can’t actually size it can you, because even if you imagine it as a really massive bubble, then there is a load of ‘space’ surrounding your bubble, which you are saying is not your mind but then of course it is!

The bubble and the space beyond is all your mind and yes you ended your bubble but you can’t logically end the space that surrounds it! Therefore, consciousness is intrinsically infinite, potentially at least. (Unquantifiable!)

And right there we have an example of the paradox, the conscious aspect is always known and yet the accompanying infinite aspect can’t be known/quantified. [!

In my awakening I was taken into the infinite ‘God’ and in that I experienced hell, why?

Well, in the infinite there is no time or space. I was merely mind and my mind was becoming all. My past disappeared like a dream come morning, and in that, reflectively the future also reeled in, so I got stuck on an all but timeless now. On reflection it was not completely timeless, because I was able to re-cognise, I was aware and that’s a feed back loop of re-cognised thought that intrinsically takes ‘time’, and yet it felt timeless. God was showing me what it is! Hell yes but there’s no other way…

Becoming ‘singular’ it seemed as if I had imagined myself, I had basically become a figment of my own imagination, which is simply insanity! You see from the ‘whole’ perspective, the mind we are part of did indeed invent itself, there is no ‘other’ nothing other than the infinite (All). This is the core crux of the paradox ‘I am real…. You invented yourself…. But I am,….You were not created…… I feel real I had a life….. You imagined it you are nothing……So who is talking?….You are alone, a mind, not ‘real’, no point, not reason and I am the other voice in your mind…..But I was alive… imagined it, a fantasy….It was real…..How did it begin, where was it you are no thing not ‘real’ there is no real, there is only you, you are all one alone…….What’s the point? ….There is no point, there is only you…………….it never ends and this paradoxical endless unstoppable shifting back and forth is what creates the buzzing Aummmm noise many have noted, it’s a short circuit! Infinite V finite!

The finite linear, needs continuity, purpose, direction and the infinite truth strips it of that purpose, makes it point-less.

Sufficed to say that the two concepts of finite and infinite are simple not compatible.

The ‘created’ and ‘creator/origin’ aspects of the whole must always be kept apart, or they cancel each other out, as all opposites do!

So, again metaphorically speaking. God, the intelligence, needs to create a ‘place’ where the finite intrinsically linear and in that tied to logic, conscious aspect can exist. In order to facilitate the conscious aspect. Hence time-space! Which is easy for a ‘mind’, the creation ‘imagining’ of the space but then we run into a few problems with the conscious aspects, the inhabitants/observers/recognisors of the space, the finite souls. Why? Well they can’t know that they are God/infinite! Or the paradox kicks back in and they short circuit, ZZzzzzzzzzz! So they are ‘insulated’ from the ‘truth’, limited versions of consciousness.

Okay let’s put them in the program, pop them on a plan-et and off they go! Problem…..they aren’t doing anything?

Not even eating! They are dying off!

Okay, we need to program them to survive, give them a subroutine that we will call ‘survival instinct’. Great…. now they are all fighting each other over food and territory!

Their survival program is having the reverse effect. Okay, we need a more sophisticated program, but then how much can we let them know, before the paradox kicks in?

We’ll give them empathy/compassion routines, stop them killing each other. No good! The survival routine overrides the compassion, ‘I would love to help but I have to look after my own, bills to pay’.

F’it just tell them, but don’t show them acutely. Grab one of them and tell him and then he can tell the rest of them. Oh shit! His mind is collapsing as he is brought into the infinite, he is not designed to exist here, he is finite, he sees the contradiction and now he’s gone insane beyond retrieval!

Do you see the problem?

Okay create a soul program with a lesser self preservation routine, in reality he or she will not be so survival driven, selfless! Then in that they will be more able to see the infinite as they don’t panic when their life is threatened, they don’t cling so hard to reality. Also give them a program that allows them to understand the contradictive cycle, an interface routine. But be careful you don’t expose too much and kick in the paradox!

Okay, job done, the program works, it’s not prefect, the soul suffers the paradox and yet survives, and in that can take a message back.

Problem, no one believes him/her. And even if they did, this knowledge won’t pay the bills! Survival is king in the program……

What God was tying to achieve, was a place where limited ‘finite’ linear soul aspects of God can interact and in that play out the story of the self. Thus fulfilling the criteria of consciousness, having something ‘seemingly’ other than the All to view! But in a harmonious way! God is a being and so wants to be happy, fulfilled and not run into, not remember itself! You have to create wise idiots!?!

So we are the conscious experiential limited ‘linear’ creation! We re-cognise the linear story, we view the story of creation!

And because it’s still going wrong, I was taken to the Temple Mount and then taken to God. And I was shown all this!

We are heading for a shift, the ‘dinosaurs’ are obsolete, survival was not the goal, it was only a subroutine that made us ‘move’.

Can I just say here that all those who have genuinely seen God, in all the crazy formats, the ways that they can accept without their minds collapsing, are indeed telling the truth!

The message is the same! Stop the killing, stop the hate, enjoy, celebrate existence, it’s not a race!

As time moves on, and we move with it, we are now embarking upon a new age.

There is no way that talk can change the world! God will create a paradise realm for the conscious aspects to dwell in, there will be peace.

Unfortunately we have to lose some of our innocence in order to achieve this, the ignorant/bliss thing just wasn’t working! We will be given more truth, we will have to know what we are, be let in on the secret, and yet via the trail and error, we are now ready to accept the said truth.

We too can understand the paradox! There is no true freedom!! If consciousness is not formatted, if there is no premise, no game, then we cannot ‘play’, ‘be’, we are no thing. Freedom non-limitation becomes our hell.

So yes the story I told you above was not ‘correct’! There were no mistakes! We had to ‘evolve’ or ‘learn’ or ‘grow’ it’s a process of logical linear understanding. Because you can’t stand under, something that you can’t understand!!!!

Not a mistake, part of the linear cycle which then lends understanding and acceptance.

Logic, logic logic! Consciousness is tied to logic, it’s a feed back loop, re-cognition, Q&A. 1&0, quest and resolve.

Okay God is not wholly logical, I mean, it exists, outside of time and space, indeed creating time and space. No explanation it just is.

But the conscious aspect, the experiential part that is aware is by nature logical to a fault. The point I am making is that some say that it’s all beyond us but that’s not true. We can and will understand exactly what we are! We will see magic happen and understand why it’s possible (nothing is ‘real’, the physical realm is a construct, all is mind), we will understand and then accept God!

God is mystical in the fact that it exists for no reason, but we are not mystical, we are logical, in everything we do logic is our language!

We will reach paradise! But then pass on through, there’s no stopping us; you work to buy a new car, you get the money and the car arrives, it’s great, for a few months and then the car becomes old. Our linear nature!

There is a limit to what we can achieve, a limit set by the premise we embark upon, ‘man in space’. The story begins and ends, and so, because there is no beginning or end to God, no ‘time’. We simply start over and do it all again, we forget to remember, we sleep to wake, we have too! There always has to be a ‘vent’ for consciousness to play out or it doesn’t exist! Time-space is unstoppable, and yet limited so it recycles over and over. (The bouncing universe theory!)

Every time feeling like the first time, we have ‘New’ in what can never be new.

In time everything gets old, as the story is told, and the truth unfolds.

So do you see what’s coming? As real as this place feels it will inevitably change, you can’t stop it now not with guns or bombs, the shift will come!

The ‘dinosaurs’ will deny simple logic due to greed born of excessive fear (survival instinct) and in that they render themselves obsolete.

Yes some won’t make it, they have served their purpose, their time is over as a new type of being evolves (revolves back in to ‘fashion’). A being that can accept that we are one mind talking to itself, viewing itself, which means we are family in the strictest sense and in that we will act like family and do you see!!!!!!

Our bothers and sisters are starving to death in the face of the most decadent wealth!!

Let me again say: God exists! Time does not pass in God, don’t try to imagine it, imagine is to quantify so it’s not logically possible. Trying to imagine God is like trying to breathe underwater. However understanding God resolves the issue of origin because origin is a time based concept and as for location, it’s all mind, nothing is physically real, but then science knows that anyhow, all is ‘energy’.

The big bang theory is correct, well kinda. I explained in my last post how when the two opposites try to join it causes an implosion/explosion! That’s what the big bang is! The mind fragments, falls asleep in order to wake, forgets in order to re-member.

Fact! If an ‘aware’ conscious entity is to exist, it has to at least in part adopt a linear time-space based format in order to be ‘aware’, there’s no other possible way!

Aware? Aware of what? It has to be aware of something and if that something doesn’t make sense then neither does the viewer, it would be insane. And insanity is not re-cognition, it’s abstract, unstable, and so not ‘aware’. You can’t escape logic!

This I call the gyroscopic effect, if there is no fixed base in the infinite, then how do you build a found-at-i-on to logic? You can’t! And so look at the gyroscope, as long as it revolves it has stability. A cycle so big it looks like a line, you know, like that the Earth is so big that the bit we live on looks flat!

A line that seems to have points, beginnings and ends, which make sense! This of course why we instinctively say that someone goes loopy or round the bend when they go mad! If you see all the way round then you become your own creator and pull the rug on your logical sanity.

You can go over the above in your mind and see how is simply has to be this way, and then you have found God!

Possible now because it’s time!

The hard work, the cosmic winter is all but over, the premise is set, understanding is here!