March 15, 2012

I received my faith ten years ago and one night while praying i was removed in spirit to the place of the crucifixion. I stood there and watched our Lord Jesus Christ as he struggled to breath.
There was not an inch of his body that was unharmed, he was covered in cuts and scratches from head to toe. his hair was roughly cut to shoulder length and his beard was about two inches long. The was a piece of flesh that had been torn from his shoulder stuck to his beard. He leaned out from the cross and breathed in short shallow breaths as he suffocated on his own blood that had filled his lungs. His skin colour was of olive complexion but as he was near death he was taking on the colour of death.
I stood there for ten minutes and noticed that all of his friends were afraid and had not stood beside him to comfort him. I felt pain in my heart and in my body and realised that I was standing in the place of his mother Mary who was distraught and inconsolable.
This image and the physical pain that stayed with me for days afterwards will remain in my heart for all of my life. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to comfort my Lord at his time of need. I looked out across the dark landscape and noticed that there was a stillness in the country side, the sky was dark as in an eclipse but I could see the mountains on the horizon.
It was though the world had stopped and all I could focus on was the suffering of Jesus. He did not hang from the cross in quiet pain free acceptance but struggled for air though his lungs were filled and he could not obtain enough air to breath.I did not see him die as I was taken back to my room. I noticed that even though I was kneeling in prayer, my body was leaned back so that my back was nearly touching the floor behind me. I have kept these things with me all these years and am happy to share with other people. I do not mind if people do not believe me as the vision was for me.
Praise be to God.