January 12, 2012

My father Almighty God is God,the creator of whole universe,unchangable God,the husband of widows and father to all fatherless. I bless his holy Name.
There was a time my soul long or desire for Jesus& my creator,i cried almost that period ,all my prayer point was i want to see Jesus chirst. Every night i could not sleep is like having fear in my life every night.but one faithful Night I experience peace,love $ joy.immdiately i closed my eye to sleep.i heard my name he said i have come to see you.he speaks gentile, his voice sounds so sweet ,he was so tall,he wore white garment, he spoke to me while i was in the dream,it was like a real life.from that moment I slept like a new born baby that night. Our God hears and he sees he knows our desire. The word of God says ”without faith u cannot please God”.believe,trust and obey our Almighty God.