November 28, 2011

My Story,
when I was a little boy aged 8, the Lord took my mother from me in a car accident, as I saw the coffin lowered into the ground I pushed God away! I grew up and finally developed a relationship with my father who died when I was 18 yrs. So I decided to live my life as a humanitarian and felt that if I do good things in life I will not get to harshly treated if there is an afterlife.
After trying several different avenues I decided to be a nurse and to help to heal people. I married after reaching 30s and my wife battled depression and the marriage suffered greatly, but I being the great one I could cope with anything kept strong!
Then one day while preparing a meal at the cooker I felt a presence behind me it felt huge, so I dare not move my eyes in case I would see anything, I asked it to leave and it did not go straight away. It was only then that my mind allowed me to remember several things that had went on that few weeks prior doors shutting in my face hearing sounds of like a gang of people making alot of noise in the side of the house that is not connected to any other house. all this kind of stuff was so that i was explaining it all away like did I leave that computer on??
That evening I spoke to a sister who did alot of healings and connected with the angels and also sent spirits on, I gave her the whole story and my sister told me to ask Arch Angel Michael with love and light to come above and below me to the left and right, front and back of me and to come into me, with that I felt I was getting the biggest hug I ever received in my whole life and I nearly asked my dear sis to stop talking as I was enjoying it so much.
I told my wife this story, she recanted that in her work place she heard me calling her form upstairs, and also heard me and the kids arrive in the drive she looked out the bedroom window and saw nobody there! these events had happened for her during the week s prioAndre Martin de Barrosr.
We went to my sisters for holiday, there I sat with her and the session began, she waved about a bunch of sage burning and it began, she ask in the name of Jesus and Arch Angel Michael to ask the spirits who were with me in my kitchen to come forth! I was asked to hold out my left hand and so I felt a real cold sensation my sis then asked who was it and asked me to allow the name to come from the heart not my head, the name felt like it was forced out from my chest Cha a late uncle, then I was asked to hold out the right hand and I felt a lesser coldness I knew straight away this was my father, during the proceedings i was shown a picture of a stripped baby’s jumper I asked my sister what could this mean? she said it was our mother in the back round.
All these proceedings happened with my eyes closed.
The next part of this meeting she told me there were two spirits with me which needed to be moved on to the light, the first was a boy around age seven, My sister asked me how did he died and I seen him collapse twice in my mind, the next was a baby which went with the other spirit as my sister sent the baby on, I got an image of a child waving! I returned to my home and I was now terrified and had a feeling the spirits were not finished with me, when even my kid were in school I would drive around to anywhere but my home on the second day of doing the same I parked in a car park of a forest reclined my seat in my car and put the radio on fairly loudly and tried to nap each time I did my heart felt like it was fluttering anyway I settled with this fluttering in my chest even though I knew my heart was not racing,
then I felt the spirits come into my chest the told me not to be frightened and I felt so much love and joy in my chest in my mind they were just like bright light, at some point I asked not to allow me to see anything with my eyes. It felt like they were fluttering and swapping to give me hugs then I had my mother hug me I knew it was her as it was a mother son connection and she wept over me, the then put an image of me as a little boy pushing away God for taking her from me it was then I asked them to ask the Lord to forgive me for doing so! At some point I felt I had had enough and they put an image into my mind of someone grabbing the back of someones ankles I understood they meant me not to leave yet! The love and joy and hugs continued throughout this experience.
Then the revealed the Lord like pulling back a curtain of their bright light to reveal the light and love of the Lord even though their light was the same, then they revealed another presence that seemed higher to my right had side and I knew this to be Our Lady.
As I was still in the car I felt my legs straighten out and felt as if my body was starting to raise up and it was there I didn’t want to to any furhter with the experience and then the feeling of them moved away.
The feeling of joy and or love and the world seemed so bright, that lasted for at least a full day and a half.
So from this I truly believe in the Lords love and light and we must lead good lives!