October 17, 2011

I am going to really piss many off because I Did actually see God and will explain in detail! You see there is something buried in 99% of people that doesn’t want this to be true. Explaining why when you say you have seen God, everyone pulls a stupid face.

Mainly because no one ‘really’ believes in God, not really, so they think you are a lair, the reaction is such a dead give away.

Not a mystical experience or strange feeling, I saw and understood something more real than this construct reality. Technically, I did not see ‘God’, the man with a beard who gives you everything you want if you are good, of course not because that’s actually Father Xmas, and no he doesn’t exist.

And when you say ‘God’ it’s a tricky one because there are many definitions of that word. God is not an infinite ‘being’ simply because the infinite can’t be sized/quantified and therefore anything that becomes manifest, even if it’s not physical per se, will then by it’s definition not be the ‘whole’, only an aspect…so there’s no such thing as an infinite ‘being’ that’s a contradiction in terms, I think the Hindus understand that, it’s complicated let me explain. (When God speaks it’s always via a construct/mechanism/avatar, something a linear being may understand.) This is going to be a tale you never expected and even after reading it and understanding the logic and noting the impossible events that surrounded what I call my ‘awakening’, you still won’t believe it, why?

It’s simple, you won’t believe in God until you see it for yourself! Which is natural, sane, logical!

Sure many say they believe in God, but the hard fact is that they are nothing more than hopeful, or they have seen something that makes them suspect 99%. The example of this for me is that many say that they have seen angels. Well, I never saw an angel. However, seeing what God is I understand that they could indeed exist, in computer terms I would call We The Angelsthem system tools, it makes sense, and yet I have never seen one and so I don’t really know…

Okay, I was born in London in 1961, a Jew by birth and yet not religious. In fact because I was brought up in a Christian secular working class area, I was bullied for being different and in that I had to fight for most of my early life. This made me hard and sceptical, so no I am not a ‘spiritual type’ with a predisposition for this kind of thing. In my dog eat dog world no one speaks of God, except for maybe the odd religious freaks who collect money in the pub.I did have a big thing about right and wrong and would always stick up for anyone who was bullied, of course due to being bullied myself, knowing how it felt. So that was me, working class, tattooed bit of a Jack the lad.

In 1993/4, as Roofing Leadworker I headed a four man team, laying 140 tonne of sheet lead to the lower roof slopes of the Dome of the Rock Jerusalem, during the refurbishment works.This is when the ‘odd’ began. In fact the ‘weird’ started even before that in the way we that won the Dome contract. (When I say weird or odd, I actually mean, ‘More than is generally seen in this logical construct reality, and yet when you know how it works it’s actually very logical.)

Me and my work mates were working at Windsor Castle at the time, and in a tea break I was reading the paper checking out what work was being advertised with regards to getting some work when the current contract ended.

I saw an ad that said, ‘Leadworkers wanted in the Middle East’ and I said right there and then to my mates that we would get that contract. I just knew! I don’t know how I knew but I did, but then that’s no so weird, we all have things like that happen to us. You know, like that you think of someone and then they call you on the phone etc.

The main contractor competed world wide to win that contract and we competed country wide to become their subcontractors completing a show job in Burton Dasset, not far from Oxford.

So the chances of me, a Jew, working at the Muslim controlled site were pretty slim, and yes they did find out I was a Jew and yes of course there was nearly an incident, you know how people are. But then as I said, I don’t look like someone you would mess with so I fronted it out and it faded away.

(In fact I am not an aggressive person, I hate violence being a victim of it, and yet I do look like a ‘thug’ broken nose and tattoos, but then we all looked like that where I was dragged up.)

So, the contract commenced and was completed with nothing ‘strange’ happening. The only odd thing that happened back then, that I didn’t really take any notice of because it made no sense to me at the time was this. I was walking across the dome area one day with my work mate going for a piss. Then some guy cane running up to me and started to shake my hand, he said ‘You have come to help restore our Father’s house!’

I said, ‘Yeah we are doing the lead below the dome’ but then he wouldn’t let go of my hand and would not stop smiling, and I have to admit I was getting a bit uncomfortable. Then when I figured it was enough I took back my hand and began on my way. As I walked away he shouted after me, my name is (something in what did not sound like Arabic and it definitely wasn’t Hebrew). I smiled and carried on. Then he shouted, ‘In English that’s Jesus, Jesus!

I smiled again and carried on my way, and it was odd because he never once even looked at my work mate and we were both wearing company logo T shirts.

The really crazy stuff happened about nine months or so after I got back to the UK.

I was working on the Cathedral in Truro at the time.

I won’t tell you in detail what happened because it takes too long, and this e-mail is going to be long enough. I will just hit on a few bullet points so that you can get the picture of what I’m talking about.

I was working in Truro with one other work mate. We rented a cottage for the duration of the works and my girlfriend came down to stay treating it as holiday.

So, we set up site and began the works.

I was sitting on the roof replacing lead ridge cappings about 100ft up. My mate looked up at the spire and said something like, ‘The spire looks much higher from up here, you would have thought it would look higher from the ground but you have to be up here to see exactly how high it really is’.

As I looked at the spire I felt really weird. You see I had seen this exact same view before! Maybe three years back. I had dream, such a prolific dream that I even tried to write about it, and yet I couldn’t use a PC back then, heck hardly anyone had PC’s back then, and my writing is terrible so I eventually gave up.

In my dream I saw this exact same sight and you had to be 100ft up to see it this way.

As I looked on, the spire split apart and fell as a siren sounded, then a line of energy shoot out of the ruin and connected to every other holy sight in the world.

Well in reality, it wasn’t a siren, the noise was someone tuning the organ, the experience was such that it actually dragged me back into that dream as if it were seconds ago!!

There is no way to describe how I felt, I was not entirely sure if I was dreaming or awake!

I felt so shaky that I made an excuse to go down and get some drinks, I didn’t feel safe up there I felt like I needed to be on the ground.

Back on the ground my head was spinning, what was happening, how had my dream broken into reality. I stood in the queue in the shop and the crazy thing that was the radio seemed to be answering my questions by way of the songs it was playing. I needed to get out of there fast! I paid and left then decided to go inside the Cathedral sit down, take five, get my shit together.

But then as I walked into the Cathedral I was confronted by a painting of the Cathedral with a line of energy coming out of it connecting to the other churches in Cornwall, just like in my dream. Can you imagine how I felt, I was sinking big time.

Standing in the compound my mind was racing, what the hell was going on and as I stood there I saw a piece of paper about 30 ft away, caught on the wind flitting about, but somehow it didn’t seem to belong in reality. As I watched it flew around gradually making its way to me lodging itself squarely under the toe of my work book.

I picked it up and read it, it was a torn piece of a church flyer, it read, ‘God will come into your life’ and I felt …….sick.

I stood there for a while and the decided to carry on as normal, put this out of my mind, be strong, be normal, so I climbed back up to where my workmate was and we both drunk our drinks and got back to work.

As I focused on the work, things settled down to just a question mark in my mind, I felt normal again.

That night when we go back to the cottage, I sat down in front of the TV, but then my eyes kept being drawn to the plug, Pos, Neg, Earth, Pos, neg Earth. It all made such sense, I didn’t have the words to describe it back then but it was a fractal of reality which was a product of consciousness. Viewer, viewed and that which is neither, the viewer draws from the subconscious (infinite) neg and manifests the viewed Earth.

As fast as it made sense it didn’t and I sat there trying to explain it to my girlfriend and my mate. They laughed because I do like to joke, and they though this was me being silly as usual.

It was confusing back then, the infinite is potentially all and yet can’t manifest as it contradicts itself being All (it would be male female, black white, old young, in out, up down etc.) and therefore it manifests in a logical linear defined format in order to be known. And as it is conscious it must be known as consciousness is achieved via a re-cognised feedback loop of separated thought, the conscious element of the all forcing the ONE to separate so that it can be self aware. In viewing our thoughts that are deemed not to be us the viewer, we then re-cognise those thoughts, and in that re-cognise the recognisor, we see ourselves, we are self aware.

An interaction between finite and infinite opposites that then creates a linear experience of the impossible un-manifestable infinite. Kind of like viewing a film that is complete and in the can (infinite), frame by frame (linear finite) in order to know the film.

As I said, as quick as I understood, I then didn’t understand. It was as if it was shown then taken away.

The rest of the week was fairly normal although I did ponder it over and over and then on the weekend everything changed.

Obviously I spoke to my girlfriend about it, she said that it might be due to me trying LCD one time in India; this was what they called flashbacks. Well it sounded feasible and I was happy to have a reason for this because then it was ‘normal’ and in that it would pass. But then deep down I was not happy with the reason due to how the experience was entering the real world, there were too many coincidences.

That night I went to sleep as usual and then I began to dream. In my dream I became aware I was dreaming, something that I was used to, something I enjoy often in fact as when you know you are dreaming then you can jump off of buildings and fly, walk through walls, generally have fun, they call it lucid dreaming.

So, in my dream I was standing in a normal kind of place and then I looked up at the sky. It split apart and in the gap I saw incredible colours as music was playing and I was drawn into the ‘gap’.

This was no dream!!!!!

I was Totally aware that my body was asleep on the bed but I could not for the life of me get back there, it was terrifying.

I was being communicated with, there was a voice in my mind talking to me but I saw no other. The voice was showing images, teaching me, REMINDING me of who I really was.

I was scared and in that I was arguing against the voice, I was saying that this was not real, this is a flashback, it would pass. It was hell, why? Because the voice was logically dismantling my reality, and I was not ready for that, I needed reality it was my sanity.

I had trained in the parachute reg, was a martial arts instructor and had had more street fights than I cared to remember so I consider myself to be strong of character.

I was treating this like one of my physical challenges, ‘Push through the pain Berg, this will pass, dig deep, be strong’.

The voice laughed at me as I struggled to defend reality. ‘You don’t even know where you are! You think you are ‘in’ space, when space can’t have a logical boundary to be with ‘in’, your reality makes no sense it never did. Began from nothing with a bang? Nothing can come from nothing, there is no action in nothing in order to facilitate a change into something, which simply means that there must have always been something, which makes no sense to a linear being but I will explain.’

I had to deny this truth, in my mind I was fighting for survival, defending the reality that made me me. A ‘real’ person born in a ‘real’ place.

But then I lost the argument…….

I was speaking to an aspect of God, not God because God is all and it’s not linear, it messes with a linear mind, it makes no sense, but then sense and logic is not all that exists.

We linear aspects exist in a logic bubble, logic is our language, the language we use to reveal approximately what consciousness is. And yet consciousness is potentially anything and yet nothing if not manifest.

‘God’ from the infinite aspect is an unlimited mind, and yet in order to know itself it needs a premise or format, and then that premise or format dictates limitation.

Example; We are doing nothing there are no rules, but then we decide to play football. Now we are ‘footballers’ which means we have two sides, an objective and rules. The premise format creates limitation via rules/parameters.

I won’t try to explain more of what ‘God’ is here, that’s a book!

Sufficed to say, I ‘woke’. In an experience that seemed to last for days I began to remember who I am, who we are.

Yes we are all God, and yet individual aspects, this so that God can interact with itself and in that know itself and also fulfil the conscious criteria creating ‘other than’ so from both the cosmic and ‘real’ perspective, consciousness has something other than itself in order to re-cognise and in that be self aware. (The feed back loop of re-cognised thought.)

The infinite can’t manifest as a whole as it can’t be quantified and as I said, as soon as anything manifests then it will be a fragment which only makes sense relative to other fragments that approximate the whole.

God is telling the story of itself, as there is nothing other than God it has to, there is nothing other than it!

The reason I say ‘I remembered’ is due to the fact that as God, we actually know all of this. We had to forget it in order to play it out which as I said we have to in order to fulfil the conscious element.

So God was really just reminding/waking me and yes, as God reminded me I got that ‘Oh shit’ feeling. Yes, I remembered.

Real quick; the conscious aspect of God is linear due to how consciousness works, the re-cognised feed back loop, which requires time and space (separation) for the feed back.

In the infinite there is no separation between anything, all is ONE and so there can be no feed back, and so no consciousness. If a soul reaches the point at which it is big enough to see all, it will by its nature not stop viewing, and therefore it will attempt to view its infinite aspect. Adam tries to be as God, Adam representing the finite, and God is Infinite.

If the two opposites attempt to join, the same thing will happen from both perspectives. One; if the finite becomes infinite it will lose its time-space element and then not be self aware, it will implode or ‘sleep’.

If a finite aspect (male penis 1) enters the infinite (female vagina 0) it will via it’s defined view point beg the question, how big is this I am attempting to view, it will try to quantify, and that is endless expansion. Which, is an explosion, and therefore, if the two opposites join then they will annihilate each other, implode and explode, which can’t actually happen because nothing can be lost as there is nowhere to be lost to as God is all. And so we can see from this a mind that must consume itself in thought, as consciousness requires thought, which will eventually lead to a paradox point where the finite aspect will try to know the infinite, which then explodes the whole that will have to re-member as there is nowhere ‘other’ to explode to.

Which then dictates cycles of sleep and wake as God forgets and remembers itself so that it can be conscious of the only thing that ‘IS’ itself. (When male 1 and female 0 opposites join, it is creative!)

And in order to reveal itself it has to separate into soul aspects to then play out an interactive story, this as a catalyst to know itself as if it doesn’t do anything then it isn’t anything. It’s a play of the self roughly speaking, but yes that takes a book to explain, a book I don’t need to write because everyone will see this soon anyhow!

So, we re-member what ‘IS’ and that’s why I say I woke.

When I woke from my ‘dream’, which was very emotional and incredibly frightening, I told my girl friend what had happened. (In that first week I had blood flecks in my eyes and lost about a stone in weight.)

My girlfriend thought the sane as you, ‘He’s nuts’!

But then she loved me so the next day she went out and bought me a bible.

I laughed, the bible does contain some truth but it’s a book written by a man, well many men and yet vetoed by one man, it’s nothing more than a work of propaganda created in order to control people.

But then as coincidence was rife back then, well it still is, but back then it shocked and amused me as it was new. I flipped open the bible and slammed my finger down. It read something like ‘I will return you to Zion and give you teachers who know me’.

Zion was where I was working a few months earlier.

Then I flipped it again and read ‘The first place I chose for you to worship me is Shiloh, and the name of he cottage we were standing in was Shiloh!

It went on and on and on, when I got back to London my Father was really annoyed at what I was saying and so I was able to tell him that he would win the football pools the next week, he still has the cheque!

And yet in time he has reverted back to his secular ways, I have tried to tell so many people about what happened to me and yet no one is really interested. I guess it’s only natural that people only deal with what is on their plate.

Yeah God may well be real but God does not pay my bills, I do understand.

So, I could if given time, telling you of every coincidence and impossible event, and more than that explain how the logical element of God works so that you too could understand. I could maybe bring you to the 99% belief in God, but ultimately, you will have to see it for yourself in order to believe/know, or you are a mere gullible fool.

2012? Not sure about the date but yes there is a shift coming. A shift forced by logic in fact, why? Well, we are playing out the premise of ‘man’, the first passages of His-story. Like kids learning our ABC’s and due to how we are growing in ‘essential’ ignorance, so that we play the game, invent the ‘things’ interact and experience ourselves ‘evolve’. (If we knew it was a game we would not play.)

The ignorance creates fear which in turn creates greed and panic and in that we grab and control. Creating this grabby bully world they call a capitalist democracy. And in ‘math’ it goes that such a system has to expand in order to survive, exploiting all asset bubbles until there are none left to exploit, and then the money all gravitates to money, we have winners and losers, like Monopoly really. And in that the losers have no mechanism to pull down money to survive, no real jobs with good wages as the winners are squeezing it to battle each other, and so the money does not come down to the workers who are the consumers, it doesn’t circulate and the game naturally ends.

This is where we are!

The ‘people’ call for a fairer system, they are the majority and they do all the work. They say to the rich, give back so that the game can be sustained but then the rich love money and power. They will never give back!!!! They are like the monkey stuck with its hand through a chain link fence. It can’t pull its hand back because it’s hanging on to an apple that won’t fit through, it wants it and yet will never get to eat it, and yet it refuses to let go.

This is where we are, stuck at an impasse.

Economic melt down, revolution and war!

The game has come to its conclusion, but then due to where we are, what we now understand of God, (some of us), we can extend the game via a relaxation of the rules. Rules that are not ‘real’ they are in place in order to get us here is all.

So comes the revelation of which my awakening is part.

Yes there will be a shift, some of the magic will soon replace the logic.

They say polarity shift, yes, I can see that, the more ‘spiritual’ of us will lead as opposed to the most driven by greed. And when I say spiritual, I mean the ones who understand God and in that believe in equality, justice, compassion, tolerance and yet not in an airy fairy way, those weeping do gooders just get in the way.

Each man will be asked to take responsibility for himself and everyone else, work towards being a part of a balanced whole that will allow men to further explore themselves outside of fear and corruption

We have to ensure that everyone is okay!!!!!!!

Some times nurturing, sometimes via tough love, like gardening I suppose!

So yes I did see God, I saw more than can be imagined and when God reveals itself only then will you want to know exactly what I saw, but by then there will be no point in telling you….no need…. Irony!

Irony? You see ‘life’ is based on irony, a simple paradox. All that exists is infinite conscious energy, and the infinite can’t be known/manifest and consciousness, the finite, can’t quantify the infinite.

Which then creates endless cycles of cosmic sleep and wake, as finite premise plays out to its conclusion and then reboots, over and over and over. As long as the paradox exists it can’t ever end, (perpetuation) and also seeing as we forget as we sleep, we can watch this movie for the first time for ever!

You may think that God is all wooooooo spooky weird, it makes you act weird, it makes grown men wear dresses and speak in funny ways, and also, due to the fact that no one really believes that God exists, anyone says any old shit about God.

Not so!

It’s the most natural thing there is!

Not a bunch of mindless bullshit like current science, which is only really a struggle for control.

You see yes, the logic bubble can be understood, the chain reaction, but then this infinite conscious entity that drives the cycles exists???!!!!

As opposed to there being nothing, that would have had to stay nothing!

How sane is that? Something exists, as opposed to nothing, it immense!

It’s awesome!

And luckily God is not an asshole, therefore yes, we did need to experience all the negative stuff in order to define the positive stuff, there is no love without hate.

And so soon, when the shift comes, as we ‘grow’ we will begin to celebrate existence, not just sell each other in order to survive.

Why did it have to be so bad?

Well, bearing in mind that nothing dies, ‘reflective’ the height we wish to reach is totally dependant on the depth we are prepared to go.

And we have gone pretty dam low. I can’t think of any way we could have gone lower in this premise. We have had genocide, murder, rape, slavery, crucifixion, it can’t get worse, well, apart from in the movie Life of Brian, where the guy reckons you can get worse than crucifixion! Silly person!

God is real, religion is bullshit, if you want to know what Jesus said then don’t bother reading a book compiled by a Pharisee convert usurper, Saul, who change his name to Paul.

The truth is coming and no one can stand against it.

And I just know that’s gonna piss a hell of a lot of people off. Hence Armageddon!

(In order to experience a better existence, any aspect that wishes the old exploitative world to remain will be removed via choice or force.)

And yes you can swear and joke of course you can, this is what we are, a little rough around the edges maybe, the spice of life! No need to be a hypocrite, shit, most would look at me and see the devil with my tattoos, this as they run to a priest who fiddles with kids!

Or the politician who lets the system fail to see many suffer as he feathers his own nest. Or the respected business man who signed the paper that saw people thrown off of their land, macheted if they refused.

So I swear, so what. I would give my life for my fellow man, to see peace and happiness I would consider it an honour and a fair trade.

No more facades, no more lies.

Good is as good does!

Yes I saw God……