September 18, 2011

Dear Mr Zebra,

I have the pleasure to write you such a letter, for I have had various
experiences to do with love/intention and Nirvana/Heaven of God.

It happened one day when I went to see a spiritual master, and after
hearing what he had to say on certain matters, the feeling of love in
the heart (more like anahata) blossomed outwards beyond the realms of
what we call ‘personal space’ and melded into an infinity within,
showing me that life and love are one and the same.
And that we are all meant to be connected as one in love/joy and
sincerity, very much what I often see all the time in little children
and animals, especially dogs.

That indeed truly was a blessing from God, and I have been grateful for
such an experience. A couple friends I told to told me that I had
experienced supreme bhakti-enlightenment. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what
to make of it when they said that.

The feeling of love, light within, grace and joy in every second,
freedom from negativity, love of self and all, tears of happiness, all
showed me that this was the way to inner peace. Later on, I realised
that this energy never really came from within, for it can never been
contained or kept, only experienced from God, in the Heart. And it has
never really left, only stayed with me until I was ready to accept life
again for what it is – joyfully precious in every moment.

Another experience I had much later on, after the heart awakening, was a
mind blowing experience of the 3rd Eye. Somehow, it happened after
having integrated certain breathing techniques into everyday life. It
happened when I was about to nod off to sleep one night.

There was a buzzing, a constant droning noise coming from within, when I
was falling asleep, however the energy was not so much concentrated in
the heart, but in the throat region this time. A sense of light-sound
was perceived, gushing in and out of the throat, constantly droning and
creating various pitches, almost like music but even more beautiful to
listen to. There also was a no-mind, for it had gone when the experience
occured. All this was driving the body deeper and deeper into sleep, but
‘consciousness/observer’ itself was never more awake/lucid than it had
been before.

Just then, a throbbing feeling in the head happened, and all sounds
ceased. It revealed itself like the surface of an vast, infinite ocean,
and consciousness found itself sucked into it, much like the sensation
of diving into the ocean.

A sense of submersion occured and a trapdoor above the inside of the
nose opened up, illuminating the whole body/brain with white light and
there occured a wonderful sensation of freedom. Consciousness found
itself a pair of wings, and was flying off the ground/earth (body) in
awe and wonder, ever soaring into the infinite sky of God, itself being
from the source of light within! The ego mind revealed itself to be the
clouds of the ground (body). And consciousness was ever flying into the
sky, towards the 3rd Eye/Sun (abode of God). The 3rd eye (area above the
nose) was filling itself with life force/light within, feeding it to the
consciousness/spirit until it was just as bright as the sun…

I am certain that there are deeper and deeper states, but at that point,
the body took over somehow and I found myself deep asleep till the next
morning. It showed me one thing – deep sleep or what I call the ego
darkness state, is a weak shadow of the true light within that you can
perceive in the 3rd Eye/abode of God.

Never has an experience changed what it truly means to be at peace with
God. And for that, I thank God for showing me who it really is – the
life force within everything and everyone! (Holy Spirit/Kundalini/Life

I am using metaphors here because there is no word that can truly
encapsulate this wonderous experience. And I hope that you will be able
to experience these experiences, because we are all from God (life
force/light within) and that the body is purely an anchor for
consciousness/spirit, to keep it grounded, until it is ready to be free
once more in life and in death!

That, my friend, is what God is – the experience of true freedom within!