September 11, 2011

I had an experience where I believe I saw the face of God. I had driven 13 hours from my home to a conference, where there would be 2 days of worship & prayer. In this conference. I stretched my longing for the presence of God to another level. I truly came in as a child, and literally looked for the face of God. You must also know that God does show me pictures or “visions” at different times and reveals the meanings of these “visions” at later times. Most of these visions are in reference to what God is doing either in my life or others life. For example I have seen a rose that was blooming ( this particular vision has had many life references to my relationship with God), I have seen lightning, a boat/ocean turned upside down, and many others. So back to the time I saw the face of God. I like I stated before, was literally looking for the face of God. I was frantically searching for Him ( eyes closed) , I had to see Him, I would not give up looking until I did, I was so desperate, I quoted scripture mostly Psalms, and kept looking for Him. All of a sudden there was a face before me. It was broad, strong, powerful, long curly hair, with a beard, and the most memorable were His Eyes. They were captivating, His eyes drew me in and I could tell He was in control, wise, full of power, and just amazing. I really dont think there is words to describe Him and His beauty. I reached out for Him, I wanted so bad to touch Him. He remained there for a couple of minutes, and tears went down my cheeks, and he was gone. I want so much to know why He showed Himself to me, I wonder was it to preserve my life, was it to keep me looking for Him. I probably shouldn’t even wonder why, just be thankful that I did. There is no doubt in my mind that I saw Him, and I will search for Him again and again until I see him.
Elizabeth Kennard