July 4, 2011

I thought to share my experience with you because this kind of experience was unique, and I never felt it before. Just 2 days back, I was watching Prison Break, and I suddenly felt a presence. My mind was kind of jammed. I didnt think of doubting or questioning if God is really around. I just knew that he was with me. I felt serene. Peace was all around, But I didnt stop watching Prison Break. I was absolutely into the series I was watching and I knew God is with me. I dont know how my conscious got so strong that I could equally concentrate on the series and God. So many things kept on crossing my mind like my problems, my love for God. Tears kept rolling my eyes but I was happy, very happy. And not to forget that all this time I was still watching the series.
I am a Hindu by religion, and I pray all Gods but I dont fear God, I always loved God like a friend. I pray less but my belief is strong about the existing Super Power, God. I believe we are parts of God so we are God too. That day I felt Lord Shiva to be with me. I always feel a special connection with Lord Shiva.

I know if I tell anybody No one will believe me, so I am writing to you.

Pooja Sachdev