May 7, 2011

God is glorious and everywhere, within everything. I was laying in a field just yesterday, the sun was shining, and the temperatures were perfect, suddenly, it was as if the world opened before my eyes. Just laying there I was able to feel the molecular connections of the entire earth, when I looked up to the sky, it was as if I was surrounded by angles, all were around me. The angles actually seemed as they were enabling me to be alive, sort of like they created my consciousness. The best way to describe it was as if I was in the movie the Matrix, and the world before me dissolved, and there was a hidden world of love, and glowing warmth surrounding me. (no I was not on drugs).
I spoke to God! Asking if this was real or not, and the answer was yes, (not an actual voice, but more like an overflowing feeling of emotion) and that I was to promote love! To be love, to share love, to give love, to think love, and that if each of us got on the same wavelengths, then the would would see the “curtain” or “illusion of life” fall away, all that would be in our world would be a grand and beautiful oneness. I wish to share with all, and for all to know, that there is no death, only a passing! Love allows you to obtain the next level of life! there is something that I have experienced, that is so profound, such an epiphany, so extremely difficult to express in words…..Please, people, believe, all you have to do is believe and feel! you will see!
I do not support any organized religion, but I do believe in the power of God!
When I first came to this website, the main picture is sort of like what I experienced. the circles of beings!
thank you all for reading,
Peace to you