January 15, 2011

If anyone has truly been in the presence of God knows one thing; It is like nothing you ever experienced. No drug, sex, or any earthly feeling can compare. I am a channel for his gifts and many times are in communion with God, co creating. I am now fifty one years old and my last experience has left me feeling that of someone lost and guided at the same time. I cannot understand everyday people nor can they understand me. As one person in this forum described it and I concurred when the last incident happened is; that is does feel like you won the lottery, the spiritual lottery. I understand drug addiction or sex addiction, it is that chasing of the feeling of nothingness and you want to maintain that state at all times, the problem is those who are addicted to the material world or masking the pain and feeling “numb” can achieve the same feeling without ruining their soul or damaging their lives. All they have to do is listen, sit back and wait and God/he/she (there is no gender with god) you will feel the divine presence of nothingness and everything combined,, no duality because it cancels out both which is where you want to be in between were God can reveal himself/herself to you. I am so blessed to be a channel and anyone can if they choose to be (God is a respector of no persons). I have had near death experiences, I have had a full life of suffering and will continue on to the path. It is not easy to maintain the state of equamity but striving for it is all that matters. I know the feeling of wanting to give up and now I know true compassion because we humans are all striving for the same thing its just most people are not aware of it. They are going outside to seek it when it is like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz – Its been with you the always, you need not look outside yourself or that you have to drink or do drugs or love another, addiction to love, sex, fear, yes fear is addiction. When you realize God gave you by birth, your divine right to have total access of all that is good you need not look further than inside yourself.

For now my life is that of wanting to get off the planet because I feel we shall face some shocking things to wake up humanity. But God has me here to uplift all the souls who will feel such desperation and complete chaos. It is the light givers that will guide them back to God for rebuilding and advancing the stages of our evolution.

So if everyone truly knows that God is not so much in a church every Sunday once a week and that you have to give money to get a seat in heaven, you know who he is and what he wants, all that he/she wants is for you to fulfill your purpose and what he has for you may not be what he has for your neighbor or coworker, parent, sibling etc.. So the biggest sin (I say sin for lack of a better word) is that you do not fulfill your purpose, forget about the church rules, think about what God wants you to do and all things will be made right within you. God knows whats best for you not your church your family all the ones that tell you what to do, Do not listen to them. We were all born with the all knowing inside us, trust what is in side of you that tells you right from wrong, this is what makes us superior to all the other inhabitants (birds,fish,animals) My only message is to have compassion for those around you especially those trying to hurt you, there is a reason. Do not however let them continue to hurt you, move on, when you seek the highest truth you will be safe and no one can touch you and you shall reach your destiny which is true joy.
The real God will not talk so to speak in English or French or he looks like a old man with a beard, this is only an illusion for you to comprehend, to relate to if so. because God is a feeling more than a language and a look. God can reveal himself only to which the level you can comprehend. But I know what I have experienced is the complete feeling of joy, so much that I could not stop crying, it was tears of joy but so intense I felt I could not contain it and when you start to feel like capturing it, it will leave. You cannot put God in a cage or capture you can only become one with God. You cannot put God in a box or in a church pew, this is such a big mistake for organized religions for they want to control you as individual and tell you what to do. God knows this and wants you to rely on him, not the church and the legalistic ways of trying to be righteous. This never works look around see how many churches and religions there are, they have caused more damage than good, more wars than peace. True lovers of God are not taking money from you and they are not exclusive, they are inclusive light givers who want you to empower yourself, they want you to know God personally and you might find this in a church but I can tell you as Jesus went off and prayed and was in total solitude as with any saint, avatar you need to seek the silence to know God. You cannot listen if you are not still. THe application is like any principle regarding education. Spiritual education is that you must adhere and focus to what God is wanting you to do and it takes practice but once you realize that it is no different than picking up a loaf of bread of a shelf to where it becomes knowingness you are one with GOD.
I have come to see the Light and nothing on earth compares to it- when you do shopping, eating, trying to keep a man or a woman, drugs, alcohol, gambling, greed, sex cannot compare to teh feeling, you just keep wanting to attain the feeling of God and the more you want it the more it will be in your life. If only those who are in power will let you in on this secret that really isn’t a secret. But yet they control you with religion and the media, and political party beliefs and the list goes on, are addiction to fame and those who are famous. This is to keep you really in the dark about what is happening they are making you just like robots follow us- we will teach you to be mindless and we will teach you what to worship (movie stars, atheletes) and while we are doing that we will take your money and leave you with nothing. Please get wise, seek God wisdom, not what the world wants you to be or do.
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