January 11, 2011

There before my earthly body, soul and spirit stood the Royal beast of Godly like Lion Man in all his Majestic Glory of Pomp and Circumstances.

There was no bursts of lightening or fire but just the Holy Spirit the father in body Shape and form with the face of Man and body of lion. There was serenity and peacefulness with an instinctual intellectual body of energy of Great beast! The face of an elderly man with great wisdom and knowledge with understanding expressed in the most purist of form within the Universal Constellational Star System configurations.

His message is pure and knows no binding universal limitations. He does not speak in a verbal language but only instinctually through a dimensional vibration element of medium forces of body – blood and Soul incorporating the trinity of Holy Spirit being his mighty creation of truth stamped upon his earth.

He then departs as he came in a most Royal dignified Majestic manner with his Eyes in the front of his face and eyes protruding behind his body to the rear watching as he leaves into an unknown dimensional Star Constellation far from this earthly plane.

It is time to reveal this vision to human for those who have understanding on Earth. For God has perfect timing on the release of knowledge which is to be executed through medium elements for his holy revelation of discovery has began !

Aman .