December 13, 2010

God the father- God the Son -God the Holy Spirit.

God the Royal Majestic Beast – The lion of Judea your kingdom Rejoice!

The heavens and Earth await you oh Great Majesty!.

We your earthly followers await your calling since the time of the great fall

Heaven your kingdom rejoices for the trumpets sound and so it begins,

Love one another as the lion has loved you since the beginning of the blessing!

It is time for the enlightenment of all Gods creatures Physical and Spiritual to be blessed

By the power and the authority of the Holy One in Christie for all mans sins have been forgiven

Since they belong to the animal kingdom of God his perfect creation in Holy Trinity!

Peace to the entire World in this time of Christmas and blessings to all our dear loved ones!

Peace is with us all for we are all one in God .

Aman .