November 19, 2010

I sometimes go into a state of lucid dreaming when I am asleep. Now lucid dreaming is not a normal dream. The experience is so REAL. I realize that I am in a dream and then I usually start to lucid dream by ascending towards the sky. I just float around through the beautiful clouds. It is a very relaxing and peaceful experience. It feels as if I am swimming through the sky even though I am able to breath perfectly as I drift through the clouds. Well last night during my lucid dream I then landed into my pool. I then got out of the pool because I saw this huge luminous light in the sky. I actually felt the warmth radiating off of this light. I could not stop looking at this light, it was so beautiful. All of a sudden I was with a few other people that were not familiar to me, but they felt and looked like they could be my relatives. Therefore I felt comfortable with them. These people just kept smiling at me, but I did not pay much attention to them since I was so attracted to this light and the warmth it gave off. It felt so good being in the presence of it. I woke up this morning and felt that the luminous light was a strong form of God. I believe that God is in everyone and everything, but I felt that this was an experience worth sharing.

(P.S. When I found this website to post my story I was surprised with the painting by Bill Martin that is posted at the top of this page, because that is a perfect interpretation of how I feel when I am lucid dreaming and drifting through the sky.)

God bless,
Divina Grace