November 19, 2010

God does show himself to man in a metaphysical vibration state of selected body form through earthly visitation in a certain state or level of plane consciousness through the trinity of the holy spirit .

In order to try and understand GOD the truly Majestic Beast of Wisdom & Intellectual Universal wonder of nature one much journey back to the animal kingdom to the very beginning of its creation !

He speaks not to us by earthly verbal known world language that we understand as earthly humans beings but through the earthly divine body and blood of his creation by silent instinctual knowledge of extreme mental conditioning communication as it was in the beginning and always has been and so will be to the end ! When he has delivered his message to his animal kingdom on earth as it is in heaven he gently departs as he came in a most dignified Royal Majestic manner. It is not important that his message is understood by his kingdom of earthly creation right now but will soon be revealed at the right time of our heavenly stars from where it came from as above as it is below !

This I know not from books or imagination gone wild but by the purity of the Divine Enlighten as he wishes you to know for he loves you so !

Peace and love be with us all for we are all one as it was in the beginning so shall it be till the end of eternity ,

Yours ,