May 7, 2010

I have been suffering from a disease and this is what happened to me few weeks ago.
At one night we have been praying for hours,
and I got tired and we sat on the floor and starting sing to Jesus,
then Jesus told me,
“No matter you want to be healed or not, ‘I’ will heal you.”

The following morning, I was healed.
I looked to the sky and praised the Lord!

Well so far I haven’t seen God yet,
I know I will see Him after the earth fades,
but I want to see Him here in this land!

So, I know people can see Jesus Christ,
but anyone talks to Him directly? (ie you can hear His voice daily)

I read some letters on this website and for those who can hear His voice,
please send me an email, I’ve got lots of questions to ask you =)