November 9, 2009

dear god,
no, you were never dear to me. you sought me out for all the shit to happen, one after another. what the hell is your plan with me? is there a plan? are we all just experiments, are you a joker?Detail from Ascension ive been looking for you, your e-mail address, your phone number, anything. i hope this letter reaches you, cause im really.\, really pissed off with you. you did not even have mercy or pity for your supposeded only begotten son, so what about us, are we illegitamed, lost souls? are there any hope for us? you are an indian giver, give us children, and then whooz, you take them back. no man fuck, its not right! there are lots and lots of people on this stupid earth, devide the pain amongst all of them, and leave me alone. i am tired, i am hurt, i need a break. i know you wont answer me, you dont have the guts. you just sit wherever, and laugh at us. well, ha-ha, here is one more laugh. help me, or get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another recent letter:

Hello GOD,

I am very happy with all I have in my life. And I especially thank you for letting things go just as they should as it has truly been good to me. Surely I don’t mean to be rude or impolite but the problems in my life have only made a better person out of me. the disease or difficulties(looks to me like the sides of a coin) are really great gifts. You make us glorious swords by pushing us thru the hottest of fires .
So god I just am happy to share my joy with you as you have always with me, the morning sun reminds me of a gentle kiss blown from you. The hot noon reminds me to complete all my tasks by not letting me laze around, the cool evenings make it a perfect time to rest and unwind. Thank you god ………
Though I do get angry when somebody scolds me but I pause to remember that it was you telling it to me for my own good………………
I end my letter with hope of happiness like mine to reach all those deprived of it.

May all end well as it began

N.B; 21/12/2012
May be my last day
But if not I will write again