September 2, 2009

I always have known that the world is not the way we are conditioned
to believe. I always knew that the physical laws are just illusions. I
always knew that I was the creator of my own reality : physical,
mental & spiritual.
I do not accept the conditioning that I can t fly or bend a spoon for
that matter. I know that God & me are one & the same thing. I have
felt being with him time & again. Those premonitions I get, the
intuitive insight that I develop, the love I have for everybody
indicates that God wants me to realize that he is me & I am him.
In fact everyone is God & God is everyone.
I (& you) as Gods created this world & after living in this world we
have forgot who we really are.
I say that everything is possible. I say that physical laws are mere
illusions, mere manifestations. I say that we have been conditoned to
believe illusions through our DNA inherited belief. In fact I assert
that I can change my DNA. I assert that I can develop myself
physically & mentally. I assert that anything is possible if you
believe it is.
And Guilt is the greatest sin. Everyone deserves to be happy &
deserves anything that he desires for.
Fear is sin. Keep your head held high & never ever fear anything
because you created this world & coz you are GOD.
(If you really desire something you can have it….My blessings)