August 29, 2009

Dear God…

I am glad you are open to this letter. I have so much to say to you and then it seems like so little. I have never understood all your ways and as I get older, it doesn’t seem to matter. I guess what really matters is “me”. I have to make the choice to follow you and to have my faith in you.

I use to be angry at you, afraid of you, and most of the time I hated you. I was not sure you were there for me. Now I don’t look at what is happening here on this Earth and why you don’t stop the negativity. If I did I would be angry with you again. And find myself at step one, once more.

So instead, I decided to just go to you in Heaven, and ask you for what I needed when I needed help. I didn’t look at what was going on this plane of existence anymore. So it was a way for me to let go of the anger, the hate, the disappointment I felt for you. Now I just trust when I go to you in your Throne in Heaven, you will be there for me.

I am finally being able to get close to you now. It took me years and years of searching. This planet is currently being run by Satan, he is in charge right now. It is part of a bigger plan you have. I don’t question it anymore. It is what it is. I know that I did not have an understanding and just felt a betrayal and hate before that understanding. Now all of it down here matters little and what matters most is that I can go to you, in your Kingdom up there. Far away from this place we call Earth.

Like a man said once “fear not, you belong to the Son of God”. Need we say more but the truth.

So now it is good and I can find my way to you.

Keep blessing me and my son: Justin. He needs you and your love. Thank you for giving me this precious child. Help me to raise a good son. Keep him safe and protected. And when it is time for him to be loved, help him to find a good wife. Keep well, keep blessed, as all the generations that come from me. Bless and protect them all, mightily.

The Daughter of a King,