August 26, 2009


I was really amazed and really felt happy when i saw this site on the web. It is good.

You mentioned about seeing god! What is really meant by seeing god!

Well i do not know about what is it meant to others as every one have their own way’s of seeing things, my meaning of seeing god is what i felt when i felt the precense. I am a hindu and their is a really deeper meaning of GOD in hinduism than what we see in rituals and festivals. I felt the presence of god and felt god being there lending his hand to hold me when i was falling apart mentally. I saw god in my belief, i saw god when i fell low and still knew that every thing is ok and will be fine. I saw god when i felt that he knew every thing and he will make it alright. I saw god standing there in many forms. I saw god in the helping hand i got. I saw god blessing me, forgiving me and letting me have another chance. I still see god in my hope and i see him as an assurence.