August 23, 2009

i thought that i was crazy for a while, growing up studying meditation, then moving to texas where visions were not publicly talked about. In school we were thought to drown things out. One day I was sitting at a friends house meditating while they were playing video games and I started to follow a golden chain out into space. I watched the stars go by I watched earth disappear. I went into the sun. In this light I had no pain, no body, just joy. I don’t know If I thought it or it was told to me, but my friend was going to find me dead. At this time I was put back into my body and all i could hear was static, there was a small hole i could see through and my body had to restart itself. It was scary for me, as well as others because they had found me looking blue. I haven’t had problems leaving and coming back sense then but that was my first experience with going into god. After a while I began communicating with the light and the other beams i guess you could say… When I saw Alex Grey’s artwork I could really identify with the auras, the visions, and I had a picture to show others that could relate to my experiences. thANKYOU- LOVE AND LIGHT-amI.