August 21, 2009

I was raised a Catholic and always believed Jesus was the son of God. One day, I asked out loud that I was ready to believe in him (Jesus) but if I just could see him I would really believe. As I was a scaredy cat, I asked to have a dream of him, not a vision 🙂 Soon after I dreamt I was going down some steps and on the landing stood Jesus, in the middle of a small group of people with raised hands. Beauty of AscensionHe pushed them gently aside and walked towards me, and said (he was very close!): “For your problem, it is not because I did not want, but I had no time; but now I am going
to take care of you”. Jesus is tall, taller than all the hands raised around him. He is well built, slender, with a light skin and reddish blond hair, tucked in a pony tail. He has blue eyes and a face as in the Shroud of Turin. He was wearing a white robe with a rope around his waist and was barefoot. His beard is short.
For 3 days and 3 nights thereafter, I felt his loving, overwhelming presence. I was grieved when it departed from me. Now I have asked Jesus in my heart and I always feel his presence with me. I now know that the loving presence I felt then was the Holy Spirit. Since that time, I am no longer afraid, I have the peace that surpasses all understanding and the blessed assurance I will go to Heaven when I die.
One day, a year before I god born again, I saw an angel in the sky, holding a black sword, point up. I believe it was Michael (= “equal to God”); The end times are coming and Michael is getting ready to cast down Satan from Heaven (this will happen at mid-Tribulation according to the Book of Revelation.)
God gave me a book to write about the Bible and I can’t tell you about all the signs he gave me, confirming to me that we are in the end times.Sometimes, God just blows my mind!
I used to believe that all gods were the same, but God showed me that these are false gods, because I asked him to give me the truth for my book. I now know that all other gods are lying demons; God is God; god is not divided because if he was, I would never trust him. The Bible says “I am your God; I change not. It also says : I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, and also “God is not a man that he should lie”. God says to Moses: “I am that I am”!
I am glad to know my savior Jesus Christ; only him has the authority to deliver man from demonic possession. The Bible shows that the demon possessed man in Gadarenes recognized Jesus as “the son of God”, even though Jesus never told them who he was.t