August 16, 2009

A few years ago I was going through a troubled time and started to search for answers to questions about God. Then one day I was discussing some ideas about God with a friend and experienced anger bearing down on me after. It was apparent I was experiencing God’s anger at what I had just said. We soon shared empathy for each others situation. I felt that God was lonely, sad and very frustrated. Thoughts were shared as I asked questions and expressed how I felt. It is ok to express how you feel about God, God respects honesty. On one occasion I was asking why he felt the need to not only have people killed but to burn them to the stake too. Something I thought was an unnecessary evil. It was then that God decided to share something with me. I was overwhelmed by a sense of guilt so strong it had my whole abdomen rumbling. Straight away I new what it was and started to cry. I had been so blatant about how I felt, about how God has wronged mankind I did not realise he was trying so hard. He then told me he could not cry and that he could not even move. He is not only guilty but also suffers so much because of the suffering in the world that he is completely paralyzed. So if there is anything you can do to alleviate the suffering in the world He would greatly appreciate it if you did it. Because it is only these good things that keep Him going.