August 11, 2009

Dear sight owner,

In my dreams one night I had a vision of God. It was more than a dream it was real. It was a vision of beauty, of love, and seriousness. God was not an object more like something nobody could amagine. It almost as God spoke to me. God spoke though he\she was speaking of the angels. Could not understand except that suddenly I felt more truthful. That morning I had to
tell my wife that it was me who had broen her chinese vase. I told her. She was mad but she said it was ok because I told her the truth that it was me and not our dog who broke the vase. For some reason I think that it was the dream that gt me to tell the truth. From now on I know that God will allways be there for me even if I don’t know that he\she is in my heart, soul or mind.