August 5, 2009


In the year 1981 I had a near death experiance Where my spirit body cameout ofthe body and let through a closed window in the hospital and up a largetunel in thesky.
The first thing that happened I was dropped down in front of agroup of peoplethat seemed very happy. I walked pasted the people and it grow dark likeit seperatedthe area from the people. I was opened up to a room with people sittingon long benchesand this was like if you where in a movie theater 3 roles of people andat the front was like a stage and that is where I was drew to. When Igot to the end of the stage a manarrayed in white w/ a golden lasso around his waist come to me. In thistime someonehad talk with me what was very important for me. This had to do with myjob and whatmy purpose for my life here. I whated to go really bad to this lightthat shined down andhe pushed me away. The second time he touched me it was so much POWER itthrowmy arms back in the air and suddenly I was back at my body in thehospital and I lookedat my spirit hands as I went back in. The light that I wanted to gothrough if I had to definenow seem like the Holy Spirit going to earth.
I learned to be awatchtower allways tolearn to know the truth in the bible and understand the key to David(the blood line thatChrist came through) I fill also very important is that understandingwhat is going to takeplace before Christ comes back . The bible clearly states the son ofperdition has to comefirst( Satan). 2Th 2:3. The 6 th trump the 6th seal and 6th vile. Themessage that I what to say is theTruth comes on the seen at the 7th trump. The bible says all will befool except for hiselect.
Please be careful and not lazy with God he means bussiness. It’sjust like ajob here now only you can’t be over qualifed. I’m talking like this topeople thatknow who they are with him. I have my own self to take care of. If youcould haveseen what I saw. You would what people to see him in the true light. Whytake secondbest with him he knows all. Best wishes and special blessing to all thatread thismessage.