August 4, 2009

Iaven’t actually “seen” God but I have felt him many times in my life.

I am have had many experiences of being undeniably guided, assisted etc. Often times it is as though someone is talking in my ear with warnings or directions. At other times it is actual physical experiences of presence.
Once I was rushing to get onto a bus which was full already and I was the last person in line. I was physically held back by an unseen force. The bus driver just sat looking at me and I stood there staring at him, unable to move. He looked back toward the people standing in the aisle realising the bus was overcrowded and was about to move off when a man in a suit bolted up along side of the bus, and pushed me out of the way to get on.
I caught the next bus only to find around the corner that the first bus had been involved in an accident and the man in the suit had fallen through the front window and was lying on the road apparently dead.David Terry I rushed home with a mix of excitement and reverence to tell my family that I had been saved.
Next, quite a few years later I was a single mother in a refuge hiding from a violent husband. I was attending the church which administered the refuge when out of the blue the minister launched an attack against me as part of his sermon. I was absolutely horrified and completely humiliated and still to this day do not understand what happened or why, however, as I ran out of the church with my baby in my arms, wondering where on earth I would find the strength not to collapse right there in the church grounds I felt my self being sort of carried, I was still walking but there was suddenly a presence of support walking with me, as though a friend had walked and put a reassuring arm around me. It was the night Jesus walked me home.
There are many experiences, many ways in which I am guided and protected……….led on a daily basis really. There is no doubt for me not only that God exists but that he is a BIG God and he really has the power to do anything, if only we will ask.
Blessed Be
Susie from down under