August 1, 2009

Bunk// yes I have seen god. god is every day we awake. if u love god. god will see u and u should see god. hi my name is bunk I live in okc I have been going to church latly and i must say i love god . it is some times hard 4 me to see god but i just stop and listen.god hears me even in my sleep. if u love god u should always listen no matter whut u do god him self will always see u. it will not matter if u steal hate or burn. god will always love u god is the best of the good inside .the bad u should not Judge or hate. god is the only one to say. do u lOve god if u do than say god is good….. if u hate some thing iN life than e mail me.. and I will talk to u about any thing on your minD pleASe love your brothers and sisters we are all one so think think think. we should always love. and god will do the rest thank u. may god be with u on this life .and may u too love GOD. . bunkp.. thank u 4 reading this have a good day and a god life. thank u god 4 being in my life gog bless u all. BUNKP@MSN.COM