July 31, 2009

a little over 2 years ago i was awaken by what felt like a hand on my back, sitting me up in bed. then a voice behind me said “this is GOD” and i sawwhat looked like a doorway with very bright white trim and inside was filled with many different colored lights. i thought GOD must be inside this door, i wish i could get closer and see. then i felt like i was moving closer just by thinking it. as i got closer i realized this was not a door, what looked like white trim was more like a white light and inside was filled with many different colored lights. as i got closer it looked like a see through curtain in front of the lights. then i realized this is not a door i am looking at, This is GOD! then it got dark again, i could not see anything, then a picture of a man appeared and the voice behind me said “this is JESUS” it was not like any picture i ever saw of JESUS. all i saw was the head and shoulders of him, it was like he was looking down, but his eyes where closed. again i got closer just by thinking it, i could not believe what i was seeing, it was not like a dream, it was like i was wide awake looking at him. then he disappeared and i could see my room again so i got out of bed, i could not walk very good i was shaking so much. i sat up the rest of the night, for some reason i thought i was going to die. i waited 2 weeks before i told my wife about what happened that night. i did not think i should tell anyone about what i saw until something else happened that made me feel that it was OK to tell other people about it. many strange things happened before and after this night, this is just part of the story. i don’t want to bore you with the details. if you are interested i would be glad to share everything that happened with you.