July 30, 2009

I was interested in knowing the source of Great Spirit or God and one
night before sleep I asked Spirit to show me….

That evening whilst asleep I was in a dream that felt like a cabin in
the hills and in this cabin was an old Native American woman… she
seemed to be happy to see me and knew why I had come.

I asked, “Are you Great Spirit?”, pointing at her.

Her right hand came up from behind her back and covered her giggles…
she thought the idea was very funny… She then produced from behind her
back a photo of a old Native American man with a kindly face. I pointed
at the picture and asked, “Is he Great Spirit?”.

This only drew more laughter. She was a mass of hilarity… which she
then recovered from and then she pointed at me… and I knew…

I too, am Great Spirit.

Love and Light

Christopher J. Barnaby