July 22, 2009

i spoke to God/dess this morning. i restlessly lay in bed about 3am and imagined i reclined in the loving lap of the Mahadevi.

i heard a thousand harmonious whispers all speaking directly to me of thoughts and prayers. i asked a question about prayer and was told “do not pray for things you think you ‘want’, rather ask for the recognition of that which already exists .”
” The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself and God. Pray to manifest into your reality that which already exists as a divine reflection of who you are.”

I was also told not to waste time, as it is the most precious element of present reality, the NOW is here. are you?

This clear and divine question and answer period was as frightening as it was profound. I felt i began to burn with fever and was told my vibration was intensified in the presence of God; therefore my body generated more heat. I could feel the waves of pulsing vibrations and knew i was home.

What was so remarkable was the actual VOICE…it was so melodical and harmonious…like a chant of a thousand tones that ranged in octaves to create almost an echo, but a sound encased in itself. A thousand feminine voices whispering truth and affirmation. I was also told ” conscious choice is the path to personal power.”

For this i am grateful. I pray for greater awareness and recognition.

In peace and gratitude i share this with you. Namaste.

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