July 21, 2009

acknowledgement and recognition is always appreciated and welcomed. the divine always accompanies me in my daily life; but to hear it mirrored back to me is truely blessed. when i paint, i am forever aware of this presence.

when i begin , i have an idea, but as i let go and let god the line between myself and what happens disolves and there is no stronghold left for my ego not even as a passive witness.

it is like the moment when you first got the knack of swimming or riding a bicycle; the feeling that you are not doing it yourself, but it is somehow happening on its own,and you wonder whether you will lose it-as indeed you may if you try forcibly to hold onto it.

then i remember,a leaf as is blown about by the wind… i am both the leaf and the wind , the world outside is

just as much as the world within.

all space becomes my mind…and time carries me along like a river, and never flows out of the present;the more it comes the more it stays, and i have learned to surrender to this …and BE! blessed be & namaste……