July 19, 2009

It’s so securely interwoven within my mind, my first realization of an image of God. It’s a simple image, that struck me when I was a child of about 3 or 4. Some other children and I were coloring, (maybe it was even the kiddie waiting room, of sunday school) Anyway, maybe from a picture someone was drawing, maybe from just the act of everyone drawing, but I looked up, and all of a sudden realized that God was a big purple triangle, in the sky. the edges aren’t straight, they’re sort of bend-y, like flowing to the ease with the wind, and the two long ‘points’ that make the ‘base’ of the triangle-shape are actually his arms, as he’s hugging the earth, and the little drawn/colored flowers, growing on the ground beneath him.
Everytime I think of God, hear his name, or whatever, immediately, that same image just naturally comes to mind.
To describe it probably sounds absurd and made-up to some, but it’s just something that’s part of my mind, that I take for granted. It’s very nice, actually – sort of like an energy-thing. That’s how I can see that image now, that I’m grown.
So God is a big purple triangle, in the sky, hugging the flowers. Isn’t that nice??