July 18, 2009

Oh yes, I have seen God, I do see God and I think I wont be able
to stop myself seeing god .
In the infinite moment of now, bejond time and space, there is god,
god the unity that we are.

I am god, you are god, ALL IS GOD

And this was just an attempt to express something trough words,
something with no beginning and no end, beyond the game of polarities.
Its god that speaks to you right now, Its god that you breath in right now,
and you are an aspect (one god on an adventure trip in this interesting,
beautifull game on this wonderful place) of the whole.
(..and know the logic mind turns up; How can this men dare to call himself
and us gods? What a….) If we are gods, everything that we do, everything
that we think, all our emotions has increadible power and does affect all.
That might be a problem for most of our (at the moment) lazy, careless
(If the television is on, everythings so comfortable, so why being a god?
What a nonsense!

knock, knock its time to wake up! We do not need to give our power to
institutions or
to any other things, god is us, right now, start developing what I canĀ“t
express with my words………..and I wish you a nice journey:-)

soma ri om

Soma ri om
All is God
888 888 888

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