July 16, 2009

I was feeling such inner contentment that it made me wonder if I was
enlightened. I realized that I had it made.

Then a wave of light seemed to pass through the room. The sensation was
fleeting and there was no time to examine it. As the light passed, there was
a corresponding intensification of the well being that I was feeling. I was
looking at the world through enlightened eyes.

Another wave of light was passing through the room. This time I could see
it more clearly as it came. It was orange. The color of the sky at sunset.
Again there was an instant intensification of my happiness. This was it, I
had arrived.

Then the light came again. I knew what it was going to do to me and I began
to weep with a mixture of unworthiness and rapture. Bank after bank of the
most beautiful light began to flood across the room. Each wave increased my
bliss. Tears were now streaming from my eyes. My body was filled with bliss.
And that bliss was ruthlessly growing with every wave of light I saw.

Then I experienced ego death, the death of that mind thing which is
constantly talking to itself. It simply could not function under the weight
of this torrential bliss. When ego died, I arrived. For the first time in my
life I was in silence.

Divinity filled everything. Every object was softly glowing with its own
light. There were no thoughts at all. I was perceiving everything directly
and I knew everything directly.

Looking around me with my new eyes, I beheld a perfect world where nothing
had ever gone wrong. Nothing ever could go wrong, because everything was
made from perfection. Everything was God and everything was in God.
Everything radiated God. The garden of Eden was before my very eyes.

Bliss soared within me. I exploded inside and became a single point of
perception floating in deep space.

I had found my way to the void.
I had seen God.

~ Bodi Soham