July 15, 2009

Enjoying an early morning concert
in the whirlpool room,
we chant and sing the names of God.
As before,
the words become an invocation
A call to God.

We want to see God face to face.

But this occasion is a bit different…
This time I find myself inwardly saying,
“Yes! I really do mean that!
I want to see God
Right now.”

Suddenly all disappears:
whirlpool room
even my own human form.
All gone.
Any memory or thought of these things
is also not present.

I Am
Energy and Light
Radiating Outward
I Am All That Is
The Totality of Reality
Alert and Aware.

There is no time here
no objects
no coming and going of events.
Only Radiant and Alert Potential
Which I Am.

Eventually I detect a ripple,
Some slight disturbance.
Then curiosity as to what that ripple might be.
I begin casting about a bit.

.and suddenly find myself back in human form.
I hear deep loud sobbing.
It comes from my own trembling body
and I am kneeling
in the waters.

~ Prem Marga