July 12, 2009

Dear Friend,
I particulary like the Mandala painting by Alex Grey, titled “Nature of Mind”. It reminds of when I was chanting regularly and had a very positive and life changing experience. When I began chanting the Hare Krisna chant with my beads and while I walked my dog. I began feeling gods love all around me. One day it hit me when I was walking my dog and everything seemed so bright and beautiful. I noticed that I was not worried anymore about my future ! All my fears of growing old, paying bills on time dying or getting in an accident and injuring my body in some way did not scare me anymore. I felt an inner peace that whatever was in store for me, I could handle ! I was no longer attached to my outcomes. I felt so safe and at peace with myself and my life here on earth. I also began to see other peoples problems more clearly and I began to speak with more clarity.
Although I have stopped chanting now for a year . I do not feel as blissful as I did during that time but I know I can get there again one day. All it takes is self discipline. Disciplining the mind is vital I think. It’s so easy to be lazy and do what our impulses tell us. So anyway I just wanted to let you know that this was definately an experience of being so close or in union with God that I will never forget.
Thank you,