July 10, 2009

Hello, dear fellow god-child,

Besides the times I felt I saw God-presence glowing everywhere, in everything that I usually see in my normal blindness, there was the time I was blasted upward out of my body into a blazing column of white light surrounded by a huge vibration like a roaring wave coming in from all directions. In the sound there were three words: ONLY GOD ETERNAL. So was that God? That’s the part I remember anyway, although I have always felt that this was followed by something that I never had words or images for, maybe a finer vibration or void. This vision was preceded by Sufi practices and some fasting. I wasn’t under any chemical influences (that I was aware of.– who knows what kind of chemistry was going on?)

Recently I spent a full night in the radiant presence of the Mother/Lady Wisdom in the Amazon under the influence of ayahuasca. For hours I was in a jaw-dropped state of wonder, at times nothing to say but “Oh my god…..” She was a vast and powerful being of intelligent love, and yet I didn’t feel that “this is God”. More like “She is in God, worlds are born and die within her and the totality God is even more than all of this”. As if my definition of God is the Ground of Being within which all of this manifests.

Thanks to you for your contribution to truth and beauty!